10 Essential Flirting Tips for Ambiverts


So you already know your personality has a balance of introvert and extrovert features. Not to mention that your friends refer to you as an “outgoing introvert.”

The problem, however, is that you have someone you are crushing on and you have no idea how to flirt with them, without coming across as either rambunctious or subtle. You just want to play it cool. Compiled below are flirting tips for ambiverts to help you:

1. Let your gaze linger on them

If the person you want to flirt with is in another part of the room you are in, you could let your gaze linger on them until they notice you staring, then smile. This would definitely get them to keep on looking over.

2. Walk up to them

Because it is difficult to effectively flirt with someone from a distance, recognize the object of your affection and boldly walk up to them.

3. Pay compliments

This is sure to help you win scores with them. Your compliment can be targeted at their looks and/or clothing accessories. If you have known them for a while, comment on even the slightest change in their appearance. This will make them know you have been paying attention to them.

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4. Be interested in them

You can do this by asking them questions, by letting them talk about their work/likes/dislikes, and/or by regular interjecting by comments like “what then happened?”, “do you mean it?! (Complete this with the saucer-wide eyes)”. When they feel you are interested in what they do and do not do, they would most likely take a liking to you.

5. Laugh at their jokes

For extra effect, you could also place lingering feather-light touches on their upper arm(s) while doing this.

6. Draw attention to your lips

Draw attention to your lips by frequently lightly smacking these. Girls can also pout or regularly touch-up their lipsticks (if you don’t see this as rude).

7. Borrow an item of clothing

Of course, if this does not seem too extreme for you. This could be their scarf, jacket, hat, or anything that catches your fancy. Put this on, let them see you in it, and take a picture with and without them. If possible, get them to take this picture of you.

8. Play with your hair

As a female, when a guy is talking, you could subtly flip or re-arrange your hair with your neck craned to the side in a Kim Kardashian like fashion a few times.

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9. Exchange numbers

If meeting them for the first time, ensure you exchange numbers. To be sure that yours is not just another contact on their phone, you could send them a short message later on.

10. Ask them out

You can decide to let your ‘extrovertish’ features overrule your ‘introvertish’ ones by outrightly asking them for another hang-out.

Because you as an ambivert should have fun when you want to, whatever you choose to do, just enjoy flirting with others. Who knows, it could develop into something long term.