5 Extroverts Open Up about How They Are Surviving the Holidays Alone


Everyone always talks about how difficult it is for introverts to survive the holiday season – and it is. Speaking from experience of being an introvert, the holidays are hectic and anxiety attack inducing. But extroverts struggle just as much, especially when they are spending the holidays alone.

Whether they are out of town, away from family, their friends are busy with their families, what have you – it is extremely hard for extroverted people to have unexpected alone time. If you are struggling with your alone time, here is some advice from five extroverts on how to survive the holidays alone:

1. Holly Edds, “The nearer Christmas, the more depressed I become”

Holly Edds usually spends the holidays with her family, but being out of the country for schooling, she finds herself all alone while her friends make the tenuous drive home from the university.

When asked how she is coping she replied, “It is hard, honestly. The nearer Christmas is, the more depressed I become. But I found that treating myself to something nice really helped.” So treat yourself. Go out and get a manicure and pedicure, take a bubble bath, or even buy yourself that expensive thing you have been drooling over online. You deserve it.

2. Sarah Wilterding, “I try to run into another lonely extrovert looking to survive the holidays”

If you still feel uncomfortable, lonely, or depressed, maybe Sarah Wilterding’s suggestion will work for you. She said, to “get out of the house… go shopping, eat dinner with a book or go out to a movie. Surround yourself with others, even if they are just strangers!” You can even meet and make new friends while you’re out and about. Maybe you will run into another lonely extrovert looking to survive the holidays, just like I am going to do.

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3. Julie Budd, “I talk everyone’s ears off to fight off the thoughts of being alone”

If neither of those work, why not try calling your loved ones or reconnecting with old friends? Julie Budd just simply picks up the phone and talks everyone’s ears off to fight off the thoughts of being alone over the holidays.

She says “just hearing another person’s voice soothes me and makes me feel like I am not so isolated.” So if you find yourself getting too down, pick up a phone and dial your favorite person—even if you can only get a hold of your mom.

4. Kelly Nelson, “Just wallow in it”

If you want to try something completely different, try Kelly Nelson’s approach. She says, “Just wallow in it. Accept it. Let the loneliness come in and stay a while. You can learn a new part of yourself and get a chance to explore your own mind. It is not like it will kill you!” Well, Kelly, I certainly agree, but some extroverts may feel like they are dying. Just saying.

5. Laney Wilson, “Focus on taking care of yourself”

Finally, if absolutely nothing is working, Laney Wilson says to just “focus on taking care of yourself.” How is this different form treating yourself? She says instead of lavishing yourself with gifts and praise, focus on taking care of your body and mind.

Pray, meditate, eat healthy, and exercise. She found exercise helped the most, especially when she ran outside in the fresh air. So if you are feeling lonely, maybe allow nature to be your company instead.

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Now that you have heard from a couple of extroverts how to cope, you can definitely survive the holidays – even as an extrovert alone. If one is not working, try them all. If none of these suggestions work, find your own and share it with your friends and family when they come back, and in the comment section below.