Things You Need to Know About Extrovert (Infographics)


An extrovert is the type of person whose identity is more externally motivated and whose social feedback plays a significant role. Extroverts perfectly fit the definition of the soul of the company. Most of them are incredibly energetic individuals and very friendly, which is appealing to people.

However, these traits are only the tip of the iceberg; the desire to have fun and talkativeness are only a tiny part of an extrovert’s character. Below are ten infographics to help people understand the essence and what it means to be an extrovert.

1. What is Extraversion?

Extroversion is one of two criteria famous in psychology for assessing personality, and these theories were put forward by the renowned scientists Eysenck and Jung. In general, the concept of extraversion is defined as a type of behavior in which a person concentrates on external objects. This usually manifests itself in energetic, friendly, and talkative behavior, and such people are much easier to establish contact and make new acquaintances.