20 Useful Infographics About Travelling


Travel is a significant part of life that teaches us to be free in the broadest sense of the word. Furthermore, it is one of the best things we can do and a way to learn about ourselves for many people.

Recent events in the world have made traveling a complex process. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your plans; these 20 infographics show you the main benefits of traveling with tips and more.

1. The Benefits of Traveling

Travel is a unique opportunity to see the world and expand your horizons. Where you can interact with local people, visit famous places, and see famous landmarks. These and other benefits of traveling are depicted in the infographic below.

2. 5 Things that Motivate Us to Travel

Each person is motivated to travel differently; some value new acquaintances, others the sightseeing, but all of these can be combined into one big desire for something new. It is also incredibly satisfying for people to experience a new culture or national cuisine. These and other things that motivate people to travel are collected in the following infographic.

3. 12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time

Several studies by American scientists show that more and more people are refusing to take long vacations. As a result, they feel depressed and stressed faster. This underscores the importance of rest and travel these days; the infographics below show the reasons why your brain craves vacations.

4. Important Things You Need to Know Before You Go Travel

For a successful trip, it is necessary to think about some key points. After all, well-being, personal safety, and comfort determine the outcome of the journey. So here are some recommendations that you should think about before you go.

5. Travel Etiquettes Tips

Travel etiquette is crucial to speak politely to airport staff, follow prescribed rules and respect the local culture. In addition, it is essential to follow the rules of international travel etiquette and consider each country’s specific culture. A few helpful tips and etiquette rules presented in the infographic below will help make any trip easier.

6. 6 Essential Questions to Answer Before Going on a Business Travel

A business trip is quite different from an ordinary vacation and is an essential and integral part of the lives of company heads. For a business trip to go smoothly, you need to consider details like appearance, punctuality, and etiquette. A few helpful tips and etiquette rules presented in the infographic below will help make the business trip easy and efficient.

7. Airplane Travel Etiquette Rules

For a comfortable flight, it is imperative to remember the observance of elementary norms of politeness on board the plane. Here it is necessary to remember to be polite to flight attendants, be aware of the principles of airport security, and much more. The infographic below offers a few how-to’s on an airplane that will allow you to travel in comfort.

8. Life Hacks for the Modern Traveller

As a traveler, there are many things that you need to know and be able to do to make a trip a pleasure. For example, it can be a detailed itinerary by a day or a luggage tracker. Here are some tips in the infographic below to help you have an enjoyable, fun, and economical trip.

9. 24 Life Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel

The activities of employees of modern companies are inextricably linked with periodic trips abroad. It is always exciting and highly responsible and causes a lot of stress. The infographic below provides 24 valuable tips to help you fully prepare for a business trip.

10. 24 Road Trip Hacks

Travelling by car gives you freedom of movement and the opportunity to see more tourist places, where there are rarely excursions. Therefore, it is crucial to organize your itinerary correctly and make a rough travel plan for a successful trip. No matter where you’re headed, the 24 tips in the infographic below will make your car trip a pleasant ride.

11. VIP Travel Hacks: Confidential Cheat Sheet

VIP tours are becoming more and more popular, as they have many advantages for the most demanding tourists. Today in this area there are a variety of activities and destinations for holidays. For a detailed introduction, you can refer to the infographic below, which contains the main recommendations for individual tours.

12. Budget Travel Tips and Tricks

There is nothing complicated about making your trip comfortable and budgeted at the same time. Here it is essential to know a few secrets of saving and planning. The recommendations below will keep a significant part of the travel budget.

13. The Essential Packing Checklist Hacks & Tips for Business Travelers

Sometimes it happens that an important business trip is announced in a matter of days and there is very little time to pack. Travel for work differs not only in the presence of a specific goal but also in the suitcase’s contents. In this case, it will be helpful to have a list of necessary things to be ready for any unforeseen circumstances. An example of such a list can be found in the infographic below.

14. How Important Food When Travelling

When preparing for a trip, every tourist thinks about organizing food preparation or what products it is better to take with you. However, a balanced diet often determines the success and safety of the entire trip. The infographic below shows what is essential to take care of when planning a trip in terms of nutrition.

15. 25 Ways to Eat Well on the Go

People usually associate snacking on the go with something unhealthy. However, these days there are plenty of alternatives to sandwiches or a burger from McDonald’s as a healthy and quick snack. The tips below will help you stay satisfied with yourself and inspired to have a positive travel experience.

16. Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be just as exciting as traveling with a group. Many fears and stereotypes are associated with this type of vacation, but they often quickly disappear after the first time. However, when traveling alone is better to prepare thoroughly and then boldly go on an adventure. The recommendations below will make a vacation alone easier and safer.

17. Pros and Cons of Solo and Couple Travel

To travel alone or with friends is every person’s choice. It depends on one’s needs, personality, and temperament, but each has its obvious pros and cons. When traveling alone, you can always schedule a trip on a convenient date and set yourself up for the best place for you. But at the same time traveling together will give a lot of new emotions and has undeniable advantages. Here are the key pros and cons of solo and couples travel.

18. Travelling With Kids

Holidays with children are often much more challenging to organize and emotionally invested in. However, with the right approach, the trip can be enjoyable and moderately carefree. The infographic below will help familiarize you with the main details for those who are going on a journey with a child for the first time.

19. Pet Travel 101

Pet owners are well aware that you need to choose with whom and where to leave your pet before planning a trip. Unfortunately, people rarely decide to travel with pets because it is incredibly uncomfortable and very problematic. However, there are many tips for travelers with pets to make the process pleasant, and the main ones are in the infographic below.

20. How Social Media & Mobile Change How We Travel

Mobile devices have long been an essential part of life and have become somewhat of a routine. There are some exciting findings in the infographics below about how social media and other gadgets affect the quality of travel. They will help us understand how often we need to pick up our phones when we travel and how it will affect the experience after the vacation.