10 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples


Halloween is a great time of year to get creative. Choosing a costume is the best part of the holiday. Couples can get into the spirit of things with a variety of matching costumes.

Give fellow partiers something to talk about with cute, sexy, and fun matching costumes. These 10 ideas for couple costumes are more a treat than a trick! Double your fun with one of these couple-friendly costume ideas!

1. Modern Mobster and Wife

He’s dressed in a cheap suit with a flowered shirt and has slicked back hair with some white fades on the side. She’s trashy-glamorous with big hair, huge fake nails, and ridiculously high heels.

2. Barbie and Ken

Get a large box, cut out one side to resemble a Barbie doll box. Throw on a blonde wig and a bikini and go as Malibu Barbie! The Ken costume just needs a pair of tight pants, a flamboyant shirt, and a bad blonde wig.

3. Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

A great and sexy costume idea. A red cape and medieval-inspired dress make a great outfit. Pair it with some heels and a picnic basket full of goodies.

A decent werewolf mask will work for the wolf costume. Make it sexy with ripped jeans and a shirt, or funny with a bathrobe and slippers. All the better to make everyone laugh!

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4. Geishas

A funny costume choice for couples, both go as Japanese geisha girls. Use white face paint, kimonos or silk bed robes, and black wigs tied up with chopsticks.

Most costume shops will have a geisha costume. People will laugh, and you might be surprised who makes the prettier geisha!

5. Fisherman and Mermaid

Just like it sounds. For a funny twist, try having the guy go as the mermaid. Halloween is all about fun, so change it up and make people laugh.

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6. Priest and Nun

A priest costume is simple to make with a black suit and white-collar. Girls can be traditional, flying, or sexy nun.

Every costume shop will have some kind of nun costume. It’s up to you what kind of spin you put on the costume.

7. Magician and Rabbit

A great opportunity to play either role! Guys can be charming magicians or cute rabbits and girls can rock sexy magicians or rabbits. A cute reversible costume choice!

8. Fireman and Cat

Dudes can be the hulking, sexy fireman and girls get to be the sassy little kitty he saved from a tree! A cute and easy couple costume idea.

9. Video Game Couples

A fun couple costume idea and one everyone will recognize, go as your favorite video game couple. Try Super Mario and Princess Peach, Link and Princess Zelda, Pacman and his wife, Mortal Combat’s Sub-Zero and Scorpion. It’s a great blast from the past.

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10. Movie Couples

There are almost too many choices! Neo and Trinity, Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Princess Leia, Kermit and Miss Piggy, Tarzan and Jane, and any Disney Princess and her prince charming.

There are so many costumes for couples to choose from. It’s really just a matter of how much ingenuity you have!

The best costumes are ones that match your personality. Talk together and find out what couple costumes suit both your personalities. Look great and have a very scary Halloween!