5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Halloween Into Your Christmas Day


There are some people who give Jack Skellington a run for his Christmas and Halloween obsession. When it comes to choosing a favorite holiday, there is no way for you to tear your love of both Halloween and Christmas apart. But don’t you sometimes wish that Christmas could be just slightly more spooky? Would you rather put cobwebs on your Christmas tree instead of tinsel?

Well, no one is saying you can’t. In fact, if you were to blend Halloween elements into Christmas, you might just start a whole new tradition or trend! For those who love to have themselves a creepy little Christmas, here are some creative ways to incorporate Halloween into the holiday.

1. Embrace Halloween illuminations

Christmas is all about green, red, and silver. I see two colors in that palette that you can run with and blend into Halloween-inspired Christmas décor. Red, black, orange, purple, and green can be your go-to for Christmas lights, for example. There are some amazing spooky illuminations that you can use to add a creepy glow to your standard inflatable snowman, for example.

You can get green icicles, wrap orange lights around fake pumpkins, and hang purple bulbs from gargoyle-shape headstones. Do not forget to add a demented reindeer or two (zombie Rudolph, anyone?) to the display. A ghoulish nativity is another way to raise hair this Christmas.

I think orange, green, and purple wrapped trees also look amazing when it snows – if you get that kind of weather. If not, you can make snowflakes out of bones (not real bones, unless you have some laying around), spray them with some glitter, and make your own creepy Winterland.

2. Creepy Christmas decorations

Though I already mentioned demon reindeer, there are ways you can use both Halloween and Christmas decorations for both holidays. It just takes some re-imagining. You can get some inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas and make a Man-Eating Wreath, for instance.

Really, anything from a Tim Burton film is going to fit right into the theme. You can even use the Island of Misfit Toys as an idea for unique presents. Make some Gingerbread Skeleton cookies.

You can even find a huge selection of zombie Christmas decorations online. DIY projects are not out of question either. You can easily turn a paper angel tree topper pattern into a Dracula or bat topper.

You can paint skulls (or use Modge Podge) on baubles. Have a skeleton model laying around? Put a Santa hat on him/her and some mittens on those bony hands.

On Christmas Day, you can even serve up a themed breakfast. I mean, you can serve ghostly muffins with different toppings and call them the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Make green and red goodies.

Make a Skeleton shaped pancake and then use strawberries to make a Santa hat. The options are honestly endless when you consider how many decorations are available for both holidays.

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3. Gothic elements

What do I mean by Gothic elements, you ask? Grab some black and silver ornaments; procure some purple and silver lights; add black cats, ravens, and skulls to a black Christmas tree; and be sure to not forget a dozen apothecary bottles filled with fairy lights strewn across the fireplace mantle (or end table).

You can attach skull and crossbones ribbons to candy canes, or create a bouquet of black roses, holly, and red and white bows. While we are on the subject, you can have an Addams Family-inspired Christmas morning family photo. Just do not forget to use it for next year’s Christmas card.

4. Sandy claws lanterns

Jack o’ lanterns are not just limited to Halloween. Of course, you might have to get fake pumpkins to endure the cold temperatures and snow… but regardless, you can carve snowflakes into black pumpkins or any other variant of Halloween and Christmas that crosses your mind.

This can be as spooky or as innocent as you’d like. Honestly, I think Rudolph carved into a pumpkin would be awesome, especially if you can add a red light! Of carving the likeness of Sandy Claws from The Nightmare Before Christmas into a pumpkin and top it with a hat.

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5. Watch spooky Christmas movies

On Christmas Day, nothing is better than munching on festive foods and watching a movie. For a spooky Christmas morning, you should watch films that blend qualities from Halloween and Christmas together. Now, depending on whether or not you have little ones, you might want to forgo the Christmas horror films for something a bit less traumatizing. Here is a list of some films for you to consider:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Safe for children
  • Gremlins – Might frighten younger kids
  • Edward Scissorhands – Creepy but not traumatizing
  • Black Christmas (1974) – Horror, not children-friendly
  • A Christmas Horror Story (2015) – Same as above
  • Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – Might be safe for older children
  • Krampus (2015) – More macabre than gory

For all those who love giving a good scare than a gift wrapped in sparkly paper, you can have your Halloween spooks during Christmas as well. On Christmas Day, break out the creepy décor, watch some creepy movies set around Christmas, and be ready to shiver from more than just the cold.

Have yourself a creepy little Christmas this year!