7 Tips for Making Your Long-Distance Relationship Work


A long-distance relationship is never ideal, but if you love each other, you can really make it work. Here are a few useful tips on how to make your long-distance relationship work. Keep reading…

1. Send letters

Facebook messages, emails, and texts are a wonderful way to communicate with your partner, but they are not romantic. Why not send your significant other hand-written letters? Hand-written letters show that you really take the time to show him how much you care. Moreover, they are good keepsakes to hold onto.

2. Talk every single day

Another important way to make your long-distance relationship work is to talk every day. Even if you have nothing to talk about, make it a point to talk to your partner at least once a day. The conversation does not have to be very long: a simple phone call to say I’m thinking about you, I love you, good morning and goodnight are all that is really needed. Talking is extremely important if you want your long-distance relationship to work!

3. Talk about each other

One of the great tips for keeping your feelings for your long-distance lover is to talk to others about your partner. In this way, you will let the world know how wonderful your partner is, and you will reaffirm how wonderful you think your significant other is. And when your partner comes to your town, your family, friends or coworkers will be able to say, “I have heard a lot about you,” or something like that.

4. See each other as often as possible

You cannot make any relationship work if you don’t see each other. Try to see your long-distance lover as often as possible. When I and my husband were in a long-distance relationship, we’d try to see each other twice a month. So find time to see your significant other!

5. Don’t stress

A long-distance relationship can often put a strain on the couple, so try not to stress. Don’t ask when you will be together or when you are going to see each other. Saying it over and over again will make things really stressful and can hurt your relationship in the end.

6. Have a foreseeable end

Well, you cannot stay in a long-distance relationship forever, right? Planning when you will actually be living together is very important for making things work out. So make sure that there’s an end to long-distance insight.

7. Keep life in it

Make your long-distance relationship fun and exciting by keeping it alive. Send a gift for no reason, call at random times of the day, or plan a surprise trip to visit. The more alive and fresher your long-distance relationship is, the better the chance it will work out.

How are you making your long-distance relationship work? Please, share your experiences!