8 Useful Beauty Tips for Sensitive Eyes


If you have sensitive eyes, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use cosmetics. With some easy tips, there is no need to stop using makeup. With the proper products, cleanliness, and techniques, you will have beautiful eyes, not itchy, sore, and red ones! Check out a few useful beauty tips for sensitive eyes.

1. Brands

There are many great brands for sensitive eyes you can use. Sure, they will not all be right for you, because every case has a different cause. Try out a few of the brands until you hit on a brand that suits you.

2. Clean brushes

If you have sensitive eyes, you should always keep your brushes clean. Dirty makeup brushes spread bacteria and lead to eye infections. Clean your brushes using a gentle soap or shampoo and leave them to dry on a clean cloth or towel.

3. Don’t line the inner rims of your eyes

Most makeup artists advise using a white pencil to line the eyes and make them look more open. But this is bad advice for those who have sensitive eyes. Don’t line the inner rims of your eyes, use liner and pencils outside the lash line.

4. Opt for cream shadows

Powder and glittery eye shadows can be a big problem for people with sensitive eyes. Cream eye shadows will not flake as powder and glittery shadows do, so they may be more suitable for you.

5. Mascara

You must also avoid lengthening mascaras because the fibers cause irritation to your sensitive eyes. You might want to use an eyelash dye kit, but don’t forget to do the patch test first. If you have an allergic reaction, don’t use it.

6. Remove makeup

Sometimes we forget to remove our makeup that will not help if we have sensitive eyes! Always remove your eye makeup properly, using a gentle cleanser. In this way, you reduce the risk of getting anything in your eyes that can increase the chance of infection.

7. Wash your hands

Apart from keeping your brushes clean, you need always wash your hands before starting to apply your makeup. It is easy to transfer bacteria and other irritants, and careful hygiene can help to avoid this problem. Don’t rub your eyes when removing or applying makeup.

8. Change products frequently

It is always annoying to throw away makeup that you have not used up. No matter, how hard you try to keep it clean, there is a risk of bacteria transfer. So it’s better to replace your eye products often to reduce the chance of irritation.

Sensitive eyes can mean trying out lots of different brands before finding those products that work for you. But, it’s still possible to enjoy eye makeup, so don’t be sad! Do you have some beauty tips for sensitive eyes? Share your thoughts, please!