7 Amazing Beauty Habits for Healthier Skin


What good beauty habits do you have? I’m always trying to better my beauty habits. It took a few months before I’d remember to exfoliate and moisturize my skin regularly, and a year before I broke off my nail-biting habit! Here are a few popular beauty habits for healthier skin you should develop…

1. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is something you should definitely have in your bathroom. One of the most popular ways to use coconut oil is after the shower. Rub it everywhere, and be sure to pat dry. You can also apply extra to such dry areas as knees, feet, or heels.

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2. Exfoliate everywhere!

And I mean everywhere! Exfoliating is an essential beauty habit that every woman should know about! Unfortunately, we often forget about exfoliating and apply lotions and creams to dead skin. To avoid this, prepare in advance. I usually leave an exfoliator mitt in my bathroom, and my exfoliating shower gel in the shower, so I never skip exfoliating!

3. Apply body lotion

If you think that applying a body lotion once a week can make your skin healthier, think twice! In fact, it’s of no use to you! Keep in mind that you need to apply your body lotion every single day. Do it on a regular basis and your skin will always look healthy and glowing.

4. Carry Vaseline in your handbag

Carrying Vaseline in your bag or pocket is always a good idea. You can quickly treat sore skin before it even spreads. Moreover, Vaseline is perfect for soothing sore lips. Apply it on your lips before you go to sleep and you will wake up with full and moisturized lips.

5. Use an old t-shirt to fight frizz

Stop throwing away old t-shirts! Use them to dry your hair instead of a towel to avoid frizz and preserve your curls, if you’re lucky to have them naturally. Just make sure you are not too heavy with your rubbing, since it can split hairs.

6. Use a lavender sleep product

Although lavender seems like an old trick, it can really relax you and help you to sleep like a baby! Once in a while, try to use a lavender-scented product to help you eliminate stress and get good naturally-enhanced sleep. You will feel and look much better for it the next day!

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7. Take time for yourself

Taking time for yourself is one of the most underrated beauty habits. It’s a really good habit to develop! Every single day tries to find 20 minutes for yourself. I know it’s difficult to find those 20 minutes, but it will soon become established.

Do something that is only for you – lie on the bed, listen to music, go for a walk, or meditate. Trust me you will feel much better. Moreover, you will improve your concentration, reduce stress levels and have healthier skin.

There are many good beauty habits to develop. I just cannot believe that some women make their own face masks or braid their hair every night. I’ve certainly got some new things to try! Well, ladies, what are your good beauty habits? Please let me know.