7 Easy Ways to Get Your Life in Order


Looking for ways to get your life in order? We often care for others, but we should first care for ourselves. Keeping your life in order is usually the major way to care for yourself.

It’s the right time to commit to order since we just entered the new year! Here are a few ways to get your life in order that work like a charm.

1. Think ahead

Make it a habit to always think ahead. If you spend too much time making lunch or picking an outfit, try to do it the night before. Think of the things that make the most of your time and that can help you be more efficient and productive.

Then, make a process and start sticking to it! You’ll get into the habit of thinking ahead about lots of important things.

2. Make a list

List all the things you need to do or you want to do, and find out which list-style works better for you! I usually use an app on my phone and handwritten lists when I run errands. Every list serves a purpose, so make sure you check everything off your list or toss your list completely!

3. Keep a calendar

Keep a written planner or digital calendar. This will help free space in your mind: you’ll always remember important dates and events, just be sure to check your calendar! Plus, you can schedule important times such as meditation time, me-time, or time to sleep.

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4. Make routine purchases

Making routine purchases is one of the best ways to get your life in order. I always remind myself to walk by the aisles at the store every time I go in. It’s terrible to forget something like paper towels or cat food when you’re just at the store.

I even do a “walk through” my home to see what I need. This helps keep my home functioning with almost no effort.

5. Just do it

We usually plan and plan, and sometimes never do it! When I get through several things on my list, I feel accomplished and with a free mind. Those things you have to get done to get your life in order can begin to weigh you down, so it’s essential to have a plan on how to tackle these points. Stop planning and start doing!

6. Set reminders

You can’t remember everything you need to do, right? So why not make a reminder system for yourself? Integrate this with your to-do lists, or you can do it separately. Nowadays, you can set reminders via email, phone and text.

Also, you can leave notes in your purse or on your door. Remind yourself of everything you usually forget. Even if you need to rely more on your reminders, that’s fine, don’t worry.

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7. Break it up into steps

If you have got a big goal or project in the near future, try breaking it up into small steps. Perhaps you wonder what you can do right now to get started. I suggest starting with purchasing the items you will need for this project or goal. Think about steps, use notes, lists, a binder, or a folder to keep your initial thoughts in order.

There are many ways to get your life in order! Follow these tips and see if your life runs smoother! Do you have any other tips? Share them, please.