How to Bring Life Back into Your Relationship


The early phase of a relationship is often the most enjoyable. Your days are filled thinking about when you are going to see your partner next. What you do is typical of little concern, as long as you are together.

Your dates are intimate and full of romance and excitement. Eventually, you begin to fall in love with your significant other and start planning a future together. You meet the parents, get a place together, sort through difficult financial situations, listen to your partner’s troubles and maybe even get engaged.

Throughout it all, you’re still very much in love, but something is missing. The feeling of excitement and mystery that was present in the early days is no longer there. It is common for relationships to evolve, and for partners to become complacent, but there’s plenty you can do to avoid your relationship from becoming stale.

1. One of the reasons people become comfortable with their relationships is familiarly

The easiest way to counter this is to change your physical appearance. If you’ve been planning on losing a few extra pounds, go out and do it. Encourage your partner to exercise with you.

They’ll be impressed with your commitment and it will provide you with a new dating activity. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant about changing your wardrobe, even though your partner thinks it’s a great idea. Why not go out and try it?

2. While your partner should never expect you to change your personality, opening your mind to new activities is often beneficial for relationships

There are only so many movies and restaurants you can go to before boredom sets in. Talk to your significant other about new possibilities.

Plan some more outdoor activities, or go away on a trip together. A new setting may even reveal aspects of your partner’s personality that you weren’t aware of.

3. Experimentation in the bedroom is a healthy way to rebuild a mundane sex life

Try to remember what it was like in the beginning. You probably were very romantic and focused on foreplay. You can excite your partner verbally by telling them how beautiful or handsome they are, and how sexy you still find them.

Kissing and erotic massage are excellent foreplay techniques. Don’t be shy. Talk about new sexual positions and techniques. More often than not your partner will be open to new ideas and will be glad that you brought them up.

4. An important part of a relationship is listening

Even though you’ve heard about your lover’s day over and over when was the last time you really listened? If they are having a bad day, try to offer genuine consolation by putting yourself in their shoes.

Interject with a few funny jokes to try and make them forget about their troubles. The simple act of listening can do wonders for the bond you share, and may even excite your partner.

The love you feel for your partner should flow effortlessly, but maintaining an exciting relationship is often difficult. Try not to let the day in and day out struggles of life affect your relationship and always try and remember what brought you to that person in the first place. You will find that with some small changes and a little awareness that the passion for your partner still burns.