11 Amazingly Effective Tips for Radiant and Healthy Skin


Lately, I’ve been looking for some pieces of advice for radiant, healthy skin and discovered some wonderful tips that I want to share with you. I think everyone wants to achieve a glowing complexion, but it’s not enough to use certain skincare products. Here are a few amazing tips for radiant and healthy skin.

1. Use lemons

It’s recommended to consume lemons for healthy skin, but it’s a great idea to use them on your face too. Did you know that lemons are wonderful for getting rid of blackheads, helping fade age spots, softening and brightening skin, and as a toner for oily skin? You should try rubbing a lemon up on your elbows and knees to soothe and smooth them out.

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2. Relax your face

I know a lot of people like working out at the gym, but they don’t want it to show on their skin. You should try to relax your neck and face when working, so you’re not appending any lines on your face or straining your muscles. You shouldn’t be worried that you do it, that’s why try to remember all the time to relax your neck and face.

3. Give yourself a pat

How exactly do you apply a night cream, if you use any? Do you pat it on or rub it forth and back?

Experts say that eye cream is more efficient when you pat it on because it’s a more tender way of getting the circulation going in your skin. A lot of cosmetologists are against using any cream to your lids; instead, they recommend using a pea-sized dollop around the orbital bone.

4. Wash your hands

If you want radiant and healthy skin, your hands should always be clean! It doesn’t matter if you’re applying makeup, a skincare product, or washing your face, always wash your hands. It’s also very important to stick the same rule with your skincare tools, always have your face brush or washcloth clean, as not to get any bacteria or dirt on your skin.

5. Eat citrus fruits

This tip was one of the most interesting for radiant, healthy skin that I discovered; it’s about eating citrus fruits to help clarify your complexion.

It’s a fact that citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges are known to help support your liver and kidneys, which are accountable for detoxing your body, so eat citrus and your skin will feel supple and look better. You should try adding some lemon to your water or eating an orange.

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6. Massage your skincare products

Keep in mind the importance of massaging your skincare products every time you’re going through your daily skincare routine. Don’t be in a hurry and massage your moisturizer and cleanser in circular motions when you use them to make your routine more enjoyable and to get the circulation going.

7. Some products just don’t mix

I almost never use the same skincare product. I like to try new ones, but I can buy the same thing only if I really love it.

It’s not a bad thing if you try new products, but you need really to keep in mind that some skincare products can end up inactivating some of the ingredients and don’t work well together at all. It’s really true for retinol and glycolic acid. Be sure to read labels and see if it advises against mixing it with definite ingredients!

8. Thin to thick

Another easy tip for healthy skin is to use the thinnest skin care products first and only then your thickest ones. You should do this way because such things as serum or any thin consistency will go on very first.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use a serum to wet skin as it won’t let it work well. After that, use moisturizer when the serum has completely dried, and then you can apply makeup.

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9. Swap your foundation

It’s a well-known fact that allergy medication can dry out your skin. And if you take medication to help manage allergies like me, the liquid foundation might escalate the dry skin. If you want your skin to look tender and firmer, swap your foundation with a color-tinted moisturizer or another hydrating formula.

10. Exfoliate

Earlier I was sure that exfoliating the skin was simply to clean it from the dead skin cells so the skin would look softer, but now I know that it also helps to remove ingrown hairs. According to Kate Somerville, exfoliating is very helpful in cutting fine lines, making better the penetration of skincare products, improving your skin tone, and also detoxifying your skin.

11. Treat with tea tree oil

You should definitely try some tea tree oil if you have noticed a zit forming in the morning and still have a long day ahead! Tea tree oil is a wonderful choice if there isn’t any acne treatment on hand. In case you’re already using products, which contain benzoyl peroxide, make sure you don’t mix them since that will irritate your skin and can even dry it.

Before using any products, try it on your inner wrist to test for sensitivity. In case you are not sensitive to that, take a sponge or a cotton pad and apply it to the affected area. But if your skin was irritated by the test, remove it accurately with water and then use it.

There are a lot of wonderful skin care tips that I didn’t even get to cover and I’m sure you have some of your favorites too. Have you used any of these pieces of advice before? Would you like to share with us any other tips you know?