9 Relationship Advices for Surviving the Holidays


Surviving the holidays when you are in a relationship is hard. All of that family time and actually the holidays can cause some strain on relations.

That’s why I’ve got a list of 9 relationship advices for surviving the holidays. These relationship tips will ensure you still have a relationship after the holidays even though all of the strain.

1. Know that holidays are stressful

It is very important to realize that the holidays are very stressful and you can feel very nervous about the simplest of things! Whether you are planning a holiday dinner or you are shopping with your partner, everything is difficult around the holidays. That’s why you should calm down and be nervous about trifles!

2. Don’t worry about trivial things

Your partner hasn’t wrapped all gifts and hasn’t sent out Christmas cards yet? Don’t be nervous, everything is okay! During the holidays you shouldn’t worry about trivial things, because it is not worth it but it can cause a lot of problems.

If you are overwhelmed by the holidays and you don’t know how to deal with them, you should talk to your partner about your feelings. See what he will say.

3. You can’t do half a dozen things at once

One of the most important relationship advices for the holidays is that you can’t do half a dozen things at once. It’s impossible to split the holidays and do two different Christmas Eves as well as go to two different family houses in the same evening.

That is actually where the stress starts and that is can lead to a quarrel. You need to make up a schedule and talk with your partner about your plans!

4. Know the good and bad sides of your family

Another important thing to realize is all the good and bad sides of your family. You know how great your family can be and you also know how stressful they can be.

If it is the first time when you have ever had your boyfriend during the holidays, get ready that your partner might be scared by your family at first. Just take everything in your stride!

5. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries for yourself during the holidays is vital, so make sure that your boyfriend could tell when you’re in a bad mood and walk away when you start feeling annoyed. In this way, you both can save a lot of fighting and a lot of pain.

Don’t let the holidays completely stress you out. You have to learn all possible ways to control yourself!

6. Discuss presents beforehand

The biggest problem that I have ever had in my relationship is how much do I spend on gifts for my boyfriend. It’s a terrible thing and sometimes it causes a lot of fighting.

That’s why you need to discuss presents and even the price options beforehand! This will help eliminate the stress of what to buy for your partner and how much money do you need.

7. Remember why you’re together

During the holiday season, it is always useful to remember why exactly you and your boyfriend are together. You should remember the happy times and the times when things weren’t so stressful.

Try to understand each other in different situations. However, if you think that you need a break and that you are confused, you should seriously talk to your partner!

8. Try to create some kind of intimacy

No matter wherever you are, you should sometimes create some kind of intimacy. It can be anything from a romantic date night before the holidays to some cuddle time on the sofa together. Such kind of intimacy will create a good bond and help you to survive this holiday season without fighting.

9. Take a break

If the two of you have a difficult time you both need to have some time alone, so take some break from everyone. This year during the holiday season, I plan to throw a little party only for my best friends and me.

I think it will make the holidays much better! It’s one of the ways to survive the holidays that really works!

Of course, being in a relationship during the holiday season is not easy, but try to keep it simple and don’t be nervous! What other relationship advice for surviving the holidays do you have? Share your thoughts, please!