8 Effective Ways to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays


Are you looking for ways to survive the holiday weight gain? It’s estimated that during the holidays we gain at least 10 pounds.

I want to say that it’s really possible to enjoy the holiday without gaining weight! I’ve got a list of 8 effective ways on how to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

1. Stick to a daily routine

One of the ways to cause holiday weight gain is by breaking your everyday routines. You should avoid numerous unhealthy eating habits like starving yourself the whole day to eat at dinner.

Starving yourself will not help you avoid weight gain, even if you used to starve yourself the whole day before dinner, you should break this habit. Stick to your daily routine and do things in a healthy way!

2. Stay regular

Learning how to avoid weight gain during the holidays means staying on a regular sleep and exercise schedule. I know it’s hard to stay regular during any holiday, but try your best to stick to your normal sleep and workout schedule. It’s one of the most effective ways to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

3. Don’t think about food

During the holidays we usually shift our focus from celebrating tradition and people to eating and drinking. Don’t think about food!

Spend much time gabbing! This will not only prevent weight gain but it’ll also help you to spend quality time with your family and friends!

4. Drink sensibly

If you belong to those people who think that during the holidays the main thing is alcohol, you should change your mind. Of course, having a drink or two with family or friends is good, but if you want to avoid weight gain, you should drink as many calories as you eat! Some high-calorie drinks can add up quickly, so try to drink wine or light beer.

5. Eat before you go

If you go to a holiday party or event, try to eat before you get there. How to avoid weight gain during the holidays means never going to a party hungry.

Before going out have a healthy snack like veggies, fruits, or nuts. If you’ll be running around, take your healthy snack with you and you’ll be ready to go to a party any time!

6. Say “no” politely

Sometimes it’s ok to say “no”. When you feel forced to eat food because your friends keep putting it in front of you, don’t be afraid to say “no”.

Just say politely “No, thank you, I’ve had enough. Everything was delicious”. It’s fine to refuse when you’re asked to eat something that you don’t want to eat!

7. Stay positive

Try to stay positive during the holidays. Even if things don’t go as planned with your commitments or if you get off track with eating, don’t get upset with it!

Stay good to yourself and give yourself some breaks! It’s another effective way to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

8. Look for support

Avoiding weight gain during the holidays takes social support. So if you’re stressed about family or friends or you need some help with healthy eating, you should find someone who helps get you motivated and eat healthily! During the holidays try to stay in touch with your family or close friends so they can help you anytime!

Learning how to avoid weight gain during the holidays can be difficult but I’m sure you can do it! There’ll be many temptations but if you continue to eat sensibly, exercise, and get sufficient sleep, you’ll be in a good shape all the time!

Do you have any tips for avoiding holiday weight gain? Share your thoughts, please!