6 Things to Do Before the New Year for Free


Finding things to do before the New Year for free are not as difficult as you think! While New Year is a time for spending money, you can try these ideas and save your money.

I personally like to shop around and go out for dinner, but sometimes it’s vital to follow a budget plan. Here’s a list of 6 things to do before the New Year for no charge!

1. Decorate your home

One of the best things to do before the New Year is decorating your home. If you have already decorated your house, you can also deck out your workplace or help decorate your local library or church.

Maybe your friends or relatives are too busy to deck out their own home, so offer them help. I promise it would be a blessing for them and fun for you!

2. Make hot cocoa

One of my favorite things to do before the New Year is drinking hot cocoa! Of course, it’s not entirely free you have to buy the ingredients to make hot cocoa, but most of us often have the necessary ingredients!

Make yourself a delicious, steaming cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a nice evening alone or with your loved ones. Sometimes an hour of alone time is a perfect time to relax and think about some pleasant things.

3. Watch the New Year’s movie

The cinema can get more pricey around the holiday, and if you have a large family and not enough money, why not stay at home this evening? You can watch movies you already have, or borrow a new movie from your friends.

If you don’t have any movies, it’s not a big problem, you can watch a lot of interesting movies on TV! It’s one of the best and more pleasant things to do before the New Year for free.

4. Bake some cookies

Of course, you need to buy the ingredients for cookies you decide to bake, but a lot of people have some basic ingredients on hand. Baking your favorite cookies is a great thing to do before the New Year!

If you have enough ingredients you can bake more cookies and share them with friends, neighbors, or co-workers! Plus, it’s a perfect way to spread some holiday cheer!

5. Have a wrapping party

Have you ever felt that wrapping gifts are such a boring pastime? Well, what do you think about a wrapping party? I think it’s a great idea!

Gather all your friends, take their presents and wrapping supplies, and then wrap all gifts together while you’re chatting and enjoying each other’s company! Serve some cookies and hot cocoa if you of course have them. Check out more ideas for holiday parties.

6. Window shopping

There’s nothing more pleasant and magical than strolling down the street on New Year’s Eve and enjoying all the wonderful lights on display. Almost all department stores have beautiful window displays this time of the year!

So why not do a small window shopping with your family or best friends and walk through the park to enjoy the lights? This can make a great way to end the day! Plus, it’s absolutely free of charge!

New Year is a time for cheer, that’s why don’t hesitate to spread this cheer! Don’t worry about money, because now you know several things you can do for free! What other things do you do before the New Year for free? Share your thoughts, please!