6 People to Forgive Before the New Year


2021 comes to an end and it’s time to think about people you should forgive before ringing in the new year. Although we should always forgive anyone who hurt us in the past, I believe the end of the year is the best time to forgive our family members, friends, and the biggest enemies.

We often hold onto resentment and it prevents us from reaching our goals and living a happy life. If you want to be truly happy in the new year, you should forgive these people no matter what they did.

1. Your parents

You should always be thankful to your parents for your life. They are always ready to help you, support you and encourage you no matter what.

Yesterday my friend said that her mom is the worst mom in the whole world (it’s actually the reason I decided to write this small article) and it was the most terrifying word I have ever heard. I can’t say that my mom is perfect, as no one is perfect, but I love her and I’m always ready to give my life for her.

Each day I pray for my parents. They don’t like some aspects of my lifestyle and we often have some little misunderstandings, but I forgive them and feel happy about it.

If you have a difficult relationship with your parents, try to understand them and forgive them. They love you and they want you to be happy.

2. Your enemies

Forgiving the enemies is probably the hardest thing you should do now. Remember the well-known line “Love your enemies”?

It’s not easy to love your enemies, but there’s good wisdom in that line. Living with a grudge is a surefire way to ruin your life. You can’t avoid enemies, since everyone has them.

No matter what they did, try to forgive them now to live a happier life in the new year. In fact, your enemies can teach you many precious life lessons.

Listen to their opinions, but don’t take their words personally. Believe it or not, I’m thankful for my enemies (past and current) because they helped me become a stronger and more successful person.

3. Yourself

Last year I couldn’t forgive myself for all the wrong things I did, and 2021 wasn’t as happy and successful as I wanted it to be. The problem is, we usually forgive others and forget about ourselves. If this year was full of mistakes, forgive yourself for them.

The new year is a wonderful opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. Remember, your mistakes and failures can help you become a wiser and stronger person. Just make sure you avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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4. Your ex

Whether you’ve just broken up with someone or you can’t forget your first love, you should forgive your ex. Don’t well on your past relationship. Recognize your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

Don’t blame anyone for a ruined relationship. If you forgive your ex and forget about them, in the new year you will find your love faster than you may think. Many people can’t find love because they can’t let go of their exes. Keep it in mind.

5. Your neighbors

I have a complicated relationship with my neighbor. She is old and wise so she never misses the chance to criticize my lifestyle, my house, my dress, and even my cat.

Maybe she is a bit negative, but sometimes her negative feedback helps me improve my life because I can’t figure out my own mistakes. We don’t choose our neighbors. Living in harmony with them means having good friends by your side.

Forgive them on New Year’s Eve and send a note with something like, “Thank you for being such wonderful neighbors. No matter what happened this year, let’s be better friends in the new year.”

6. Your boss

Yep, almost all bosses have a bad rep. But let’s imagine that you are a boss and your employees are a little bit lazy – you know checking Facebook or posting a new picture on Instagram is more important than doing extra tasks. What are your actions? Will you come and say, “It’s okay, I don’t mind”? Nope, of course.

If your boss was unbearably strict this year, it may not be because they don’t like you. It may be because you did something wrong.

Before judging them, try to understand. Anyway, forgive your boss and be thankful for the opportunity to have a job that helps you pay the bills and buy some food.

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When you forgive people who hurt you, you feel free, move on and achieve the biggest life goals. Forgiveness is an important part of a happy life. It can be hard to forgive yourself and others, but you will never be happy if you feel hatred.

Learn how to forgive people around you and cultivate gratitude each day. It’s the key to enormous happiness! I wish you a happy New Year and I hope 2022 will bring you more happy moments than the current year.