7 Important Things to Consider When Naming Your Baby


Naming a child is one of the most important and fun things about having a baby, and there are a few things you should consider before naming your newborn baby. It’s a significant and permanent decision since your child will have to live with it forever.

Children seem to grow into their names and no other name would suit them. Think over these things when naming your bundle of joy so that they’ll thank you in the future.

1. Spelling

Before naming your baby you should think over how you spell the name. I chose to spell my child’s name with an alternate spelling because I wanted my daughter to have a really unique name. I don’t regret it, though I realize that it can cause her some issues in her life.

It can be difficult for her to find gift items and souvenirs with her name spelled correctly. So, spelling is something you should definitely consider.

2. Feeling

Ok, you and your partner chose the name. Does the name of your baby feel right? Can you imagine your child as an adult with this name? Can you imagine yourself calling your baby that name for years to come?

These are important things you should certainly think over when you name your child. If you feel that name is not for your child, talk to your husband and try to choose a more beautiful name for your baby.

3. Uniqueness

Do you want your baby to have an unusual name or do you want them to have a common name? You and your husband need to consider both options.

There are many unique and beautiful names to choose from. Just make sure that name is not weird or crazy, otherwise, your kid will blame you for giving them such a strange name.

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4. Ridicule

Another thing to consider is if the name you pick out for your baby is an easy target for ridicule. Many parents skip this point, but it’s very important.

Consider if that name will be something other kids can make fun of or if it’s so different that will draw too much-unwanted attention to your child. You don’t want other kids to make fun of your child, so it’s worth thinking over how other people could make fun of your baby’s name.

5. Agreement

If your husband doesn’t like the name you chose for your baby, the two of you should definitely discuss this issue. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean that only you can choose your baby’s name.

Parenting means a partnership and each of you has a voice. Naming your baby is something you and your partner should be involved in.

6. Great name

You should choose a name for your child that you and your husband really like. You both should know that you’ll like the name of your baby in years to come.

Personally, I like the name I chose for my daughter and I don’t want another name for her. And she has grown into her name just as your child will.

7. Significance of the name

You should know the significance of the name you choose for your child before naming them. You don’t want your child to have a name with a meaning that you don’t like.

Many parents also choose names for their children based on family significance, and they usually name their children after someone. This is the last but not least thing to consider when naming your baby.

Naming your baby is an important event and it deserves careful consideration. Unfortunately, many parents skip these things and that’s the main reason why so many children and adults blame their parents for giving them such strange names.

What factors did you consider when you chose your baby’s name? We can all learn from each other.