7 Important Things to Think Over before Having a Baby


The decision to have a baby is one of the most important choices you make in your life. That’s why there are a lot of things to consider before getting pregnant.

Some couples decide to have a baby for wrong reasons like the next stage of their marriage or the cure for their breakdown. Not only is the physical well-being of both parents important, their emotional readiness is also a critical factor. Read on to find out other important things to consider before having a baby.

1. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the essential things to pay attention to before getting pregnant, especially with the first child. When you have a child your life changes tremendously and it will never be the same.

You’ll have to alter your usual routine, habits and leisure. Your child’s needs will become the first priority and you’ll have to take them into account. That’s why if you cannot live without non-stop parties, going out and enjoying yourself, you should delay having a baby.

2. Relationship

A healthy, stable relationship is the perfect foundation to welcome a baby. When two people love, respect and trust each other, chances are they would be good parents of a happy child.

However, if you decide to welcome a baby just in order to save your unhealthy relationship, don’t hurry. Giving birth to a baby cannot cure your relationship with someone you love and it cannot avert a breakup. Make sure you have a strong relationship before getting pregnant.

3. Other children

If you’re going to have a second or third baby, you should take into account your older child’s opinion. Sure, it’s not of crucial importance, but it still should be important to you. In most cases older kids view the appearance of a child as an interesting adventure and look forward to it.

Most parents say that it’s easier to decide to have the third or fourth child when you already have kids. However, you should think whether all of you will feel comfortable under the same roof.

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4. Health and age

Having a baby in 30s, 40s and even 50s is no longer an unprecedented thing these days. For career considerations and financial matters, most women decide to have the first child in their late 30s or early 40s.

However, having a baby after 30 implies great health risks. If you decide to get pregnant after 30, you should consult your doctor to discuss many things including your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise and any possible hazards. The health of your partner and yours are one of the most important things to consider before having a baby.

5. Budget

Another important thing to consider before getting pregnant is your budget. From the financial point of view, having a baby is rather expensive thing.

Bear in mind that you’ll need many essential items like stroller, cradle, nappies, a dry nurse and many others. Most probably you’ll have to purchase a bigger car so that all of you feel comfortable.

Can you afford all these? Before getting pregnant, consider making a practical financial plan, which also should include unexpected items.

6. Assistance

Despite your readiness and motherly intentions, you’ll need a couple of extra hands to help you look after the baby, especially if it’s your first child. You’ll also need some help if you have to leave for some special occasions like celebration or whatever.

Consider having a dry nurse that will teach you some basic things. Or, you can ask your mom to assist you, if possible.

7. Career

Nowadays most women have to choose between maternity and career and this subject is becoming more and more controversial and disputed. Some females, however, tend to succeed in both areas of life.

Bear in mind that having a baby you’ll have to take a career break for several years. During this time your colleagues and rivals will get career advancement and become first-rate professionals.

If this thought weighs you down, don’t hurry to have a baby. Set your priorities and delay having a baby, if necessary.

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Have you ever thought about all this stuff? Before getting pregnant you should consider pluses and minuses of several essential things like co-sleeping, breast-feeding and many other significant things. These are only a few points to think over before you decide to welcome a baby.

So, are you ready to have a baby?