Are You Crazy? 11 Reasons Craziness Is the Key to Success


Everyone wants to be happy and to get the most out of life. No matter who you are and what your goal is, you want to be successful but what the key to success is indeed?

We use to think that order, straightforwardness and correctness are the traits of all happy people. But while you`re trying to keep to strict order and follow numerous laws to get what you want, really successful individuals neglect all possible rules, go crazy and get what they want. That`s right, in fact success means craziness and here you have the reasons why losing your head helps to reach your goals and start loving your life…

1. You don’t know what rules are

Following the rules will never make you successful in life. A true success means something completely new and extraordinary. The only way to become creative and to start thinking differently is to forget about everything you used to know about this world before.

Successful people look crazy thanks to their inappropriate way of thinking but this is what makes them so special as well. Stop worrying about everything to be done correctly and you`ll see another side of the coin where real success is.

2. You see no refusals but only challenges

A crazy person never accepts a refusal. They take it like a challenge and do their best to prove that everything is possible. They create a brilliant yet crazy idea and, of course, not everyone believes that it may come true.

However, others` doubts never stop crazy people from reaching success. They dare to prove their right in anything because they`re confident and courageous enough to follow their own unique life path.

3. You don’t care about others’ opinion

A fear of others` opinion often prevents us from doing what we want. It makes you think about whether something you do is appropriate in society or not, and only then you start acting.

Successful people never think so. They don`t care what people think about them and their actions.

When they want something, they just do it and that`s it. Stop thinking about others` attitude towards your own life and you`ll become free from the judgement of society.

4. You go out of borders

Ordinary people live in boxes and they never even try to go out of those comfortable environments where they know every angle like their own palm of the hand. They follow the same rules and do everything to make their box stable and strong as much as possible. This way a desire to become successful becomes just an illusion that troubles them.

If you`re going to become a different person, you should better make a try to go out of your box or in other words – to go out of your comfort zone. If you do, you`ll see that success is somewhere outside of it and all you had to do is step aside a bit and get what you want.

5. You don’t need a permission

Crazy people never ask for permission. They are independent in everything they do and they neglect all rules if it`s needed.

They know that it`s dangerous and they may end up having nothing but anyway it never stops them. They are crazy and they always make important decisions on their own because asking ordinary people for permission to do something crazy is nonsense.

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6. You trust your inner voice

Most of us would rather rely on some well know facts and opinions than on our own inner voice when making a highly important decision. Crazy people often don`t even try to remember what is supposed to be correct by society when they need to make a crucial choice.

The reason is that they trust themselves. They trust their inner voice, intuition, sixth sense or instinct. No matter how you call it, you should follow your heart in everything you do.

7. You believe in yourself

While everyone needs to be supported and encouraged by others to believe in themselves, crazy and successful individuals can be confident without any help. They don`t need anyone to appreciate their plans and goals.

They are free thus they are courageous enough to do what they want even if no one believes in their abilities. This trait can really make you powerful because this way you become the one who decides what the world will look like tomorrow and you don`t ask anyone for permission.

8. You’re not afraid to fail

Being afraid to encounter a failure is what prevents most people from success. We always try to protect ourselves from any mistake and it doesn`t let us take a risk.

Crazy people don`t care about mistakes. They are brave enough to try everything they need no matter if it can turn to be a failure or not. They at least make a try because either way to err is human so why not try?

9. You aren’t crazy about money, you follow your passion

When you are crazy, your main priority in life isn`t money. Those who want to be rich only always try to satisfy the needs of society. But a crazy person is the one who tells everyone what their needs are.

They follow their passion in life and are proud of it. They make others follow their ideas but not vise versa.

When you follow your passion, you do everything you can because you want to do it. But when all you want is money, you do what others want you to do.

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10. You’re completely different

There are lots of really skilled actors but some of them are successful when others aren`t. The answer is craziness. Why do some actors become movie-stars but others don`t? How do they touch our souls?

Those crazy ones are open to do something they’ve never seen before and it makes everyone say ‘Wow!’ They have something totally different from what we all know and this difference brings them glory and fame. They differ from others thanks to their courage to show their craziness to the world.

11. You follow your own truth

Lots of people aren`t satisfied with the government but even though everyone says they disagree, no one tries to change the situation. Only crazy people become revolutionaries because they don`t want to follow anything except their own truth.

This trait differs them from those who say but never act. They can`t feel happy and stay motionless when they know that something is wrong with this world and it`s time to make a change.

Being crazy is essential if you want to become successful in life. Craziness doesn`t mean hearing voices in your head or seeing hallucinations. It means listening to yourself and seeing a different picture of the world.

Craziness is all about creativity, success, and courage. Don`t be afraid of what society will say about you because you do what you want and what else can make you more happy?

What world famous, successful yet crazy people do you know?