8 Bad Reasons to Have a Baby


There are a lot of terrible reasons to have a baby. Nowadays many young people start their families because they let themselves be influenced by some outside factors. And as a result, they might feel a certain amount of guilt or regret, in spite of how much they love their children.

If you are going to have a baby, it must be because you and your significant other want to. Check out 8 bad reasons to have a baby.

1. Because time is running out

Often many women feel that they must have a baby because time is running out. But it is actually a bad reason to conceive, especially if you are not committed to starting a family.

2. Parental pressure

Another bad reason to have a baby is to keep your parents happy. They can drive you crazy with their endless questions about when you are going to have a baby, and complaining that their coworkers and friends have a lot of grandchildren. But don’t let your parents influence you, it’s your life and only you can decide when to start a family!

3. Partner pressure

Your significant other may want to have a baby more than you want and he may try to encourage you to understand him. Or maybe you are the one who’s more enthusiastic.

If your partner is ambivalent about having a child, don’t even try to persuade him. Remember a baby must be wanted by both parents.

4. Get your partner to commit

Many women get pregnant because they are tired of waiting for their partners to commit to them. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to commit to you, then parenthood won’t change anything. If you really want to start a family, maybe it’s time to find someone who wants children?!

5. Save a failing relationship

We know that parenthood is greatly demanding as well as very stressful on a relationship, but still many of us think that having a child can save a failing relationship. The truth is that it will never work. If things aren’t going well don’t intentionally bring a child into your relationship, it can even hasten the end.

6. Fill an emotional void

Some women get pregnant because they want to have someone to love them. They think that their children will always love them unconditionally. Maybe it is true when your child is young, but where is guarantee that you will always have a close relationship with your child.

7. Avoid loneliness

If you decided to have a baby to avoid loneliness, you should remember one main thing – your child will grow up and will not be with you forever. Your child will live his/her own life as adult, and shouldn’t be used to fill emptiness in your life. Don’t have a baby just to cure your loneliness!

8. Have a caregiver when you get old

It’s one of the worst reasons to start a family! I know it’s okay to look after your parents when they get old, but I think it is unfair to have children assuming that they will be your caregivers one day. Your children should live their own lives.

Have children because you and your partner want them and will love them, but not because someone else wants.

Have you ever been pressured by anyone to have a baby? Share your thoughts, please!