10 Personal Flaws You Need to Embrace


Name one aspect that all of these celebrities share in common: Cindy Crawford, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks, Al Pacino, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez.  If you’re stumped, here is a hint: each has at least one visible physical “flaw”.

Cindy Crawford has her famous mole; Laurence Fishburne and Madonna have gaps between their two front teeth; Halle Berry and Al Pacino have asymmetrically sized eyes; Barbara Streisand has her legendary nose; Christina Hendricks has her dangerous curves and Jennifer Lopez has her bodacious bottom.

Each of these celebrities presumably has the financial means to “fix” these so-called “flaws”, but none has done so. In fact, several celebrities have adopted their “flaws” as personal trademarks: Streisand, Lopez, Crawford and Hendricks come to mind.

You can borrow a page from these famous folks and embrace your own personal “flaws”.

1. Freckles

Whether you have a dusting across the bridge of your nose or your entire face is peppered with them, freckles are among the more endearing facial “flaws.” Freckles convey youth and a sense of freshness and vitality. Instead of attempting to cover them up with thick, cakey makeup, celebrate them with sheer foundation and translucent blush.

2. Small Breasts

If you have ever envied your more endowed sisters, consider this: if you have small breasts, you can go braless without looking provocative. If you regularly work out (which everyone should) you don’t need a bra with reinforced straps to prevent uncomfortable jiggling. And with the right shape wear, your A-cup “girls” can look beautiful too.

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3. Large Breasts

Many women with large breasts don’t understand why other women envy them. Bra straps dig into their shoulders and they can’t wear anything the least bit form-fitting without being gaped at by men and women alike.

On the other hand, breasts are the most visible manifestation of the female figure, and unless they are allowed to sag without support, large breasts cannot help but look beautiful.

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4. Curvy Hips or Round Bottom

When you have so-called “childbearing hips” or a bubble butt, buying slacks and especially jeans can be an exercise in torture. However, except for a woman’s breasts, her hips and bottom are often her sexiest features.

Many flat-bottomed women envy women with curves and many men are more attracted to a woman’s hips and bottom than to her breasts. While you may not want to go skin tight on jeans and skirts, it is OK to show off your hourglass shape in figure-hugging fashions.

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5. Curly or Kinky Hair

Rain and high humidity are the bane of many women with curly or kinky hair. The word “frizz” inspires a barrage of silicone-based products and flat irons that are pulled out when the forecast calls for precipitation.

If you have curly or kinky hair, save yourself the hassle of fighting your hair and learn to love your curls. Consult with a stylist for a good cut that will work with the texture of your hair and allow you more styling versatility.

6. Stick Straight Hair

You may gaze in envy at women with luscious curls or sensuous wavy hair. However, back in the day, many women actually ironed their hair to achieve the sleek, shiny look that you were born with.

Even today, many women have standing beauty salon appointments to have their hair chemically straightened.
Instead of frying your hair in a vain attempt to persuade it to take a curl, embrace your straight hair. Try a cut with long layers to give yourself more styling options and eliminate the “curtain” look.

7. Petite Stature

Being short can be frustrating.  When you are petite, the word “hem” is a permanent fixture in your vocabulary. Even clothes that are supposedly your size are often too long, have overly wide shoulders or have waistlines that hit you right at the widest section of your hips.

However, short women can always wear heels without worrying about towering over their dates. Shorter men (and women!) don’t have to worry about hitting their heads on doorways or feeling cramped in airplane seats.

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8. Statuesque Stature

Nearly every tall person has heard jokes and remarks about their height. “How’s the weather up there?” is one of the more common lines. Many tall women slouch in an attempt to disguise their height, while others refuse to wear heels.

However, statistics show that tall people have higher average earnings than shorter people. Models are tall; so are basketball players. Even if you are a tall woman with no modeling or sports ambitions, you should embrace your tall stature like the asset that it is – including wearing heels to show off your mile-long legs.

9. Facial Scars and Birthmarks

If you have a huge, disfiguring scar, it is understandable that you would want to disguise it. However, if you have a tiny cut above your eye from a fall when you were six or a mole like model Cindy Crawford has, think twice before attempting to cover it up. Small imperfections actually give your face character and can be quite endearing.

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10. Front Tooth Gap

Teeth that are seriously misaligned call for braces or other corrective measures. However, if you have straight teeth that sport a small gap you should not feel that you are doomed never to smile broadly. Practice good oral hygiene to keep your teeth and gums healthy and go ahead and flash those pearly whites!

Almost everyone has personal flaws they need to embrace, so if you have some problem areas that you see as imperfect, try to embrace them because these areas make you special, unique, and beautiful.

What personal flaws do you need to embrace?