10 Personal Flaws You Need to Embrace


Name one aspect that all of these celebrities share in common: Cindy Crawford, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks, Al Pacino, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez.  If you’re stumped, here is a hint: each has at least one visible physical “flaw”.

Cindy Crawford has her famous mole; Laurence Fishburne and Madonna have gaps between their two front teeth; Halle Berry and Al Pacino have asymmetrically sized eyes; Barbara Streisand has her legendary nose; Christina Hendricks has her dangerous curves and Jennifer Lopez has her bodacious bottom.

Each of these celebrities presumably has the financial means to “fix” these so-called “flaws”, but none has done so. In fact, several celebrities have adopted their “flaws” as personal trademarks: Streisand, Lopez, Crawford and Hendricks come to mind.

You can borrow a page from these famous folks and embrace your own personal “flaws”.

1. Freckles

Whether you have a dusting across the bridge of your nose or your entire face is peppered with them, freckles are among the more endearing facial “flaws.” Freckles convey youth and a sense of freshness and vitality. Instead of attempting to cover them up with thick, cakey makeup, celebrate them with sheer foundation and translucent blush.