7 Ways to Take Care of Your Breasts


Not every woman knows how to take care for her breasts, and I’d like to share with you some advices! As women, taking care for our breasts is a vital part of our health!

If you don’t care for your breasts, then you could face some serious issues down the road. Check out some ways to take care for your breasts.

1. Perform a monthly self-exam of the breast

It’s important to perform self-exam every month, especially if breast cancer has a history in your family. Catching a lump early on can save your life and your breasts! After all, it’s not difficult to perform a self-exam of the breast.

If you don’t know how to do it, your gynecologist will show you how. The best time to do this is while applying lotion to the breasts, or in the shower with soapy hands.

2. Visit your gynecologist at least once every year

As I said, you need to perform a monthly self-exam of the breast, but it doesn’t mean that now you can to skip your visit to the gynecologist. Your gynecologist can schedule you for a mammogram that is highly recommended every year for women starting at age 40. Your gynecologist will also answer any questions concerning your over-all female health.

3. Wear the right bra

Another best way to take care for your breasts is to wear the right bra! Wearing the wrong bra can destroy your breast shapes and make them look saggy.

Wear a bra that holds your breasts in place, and gives them lift! This will prevent back pain and other health risks. Many women wear the wrong bra their whole lives and don’t even know about it.

4. Moisturize every day

Breasts have very sensitive and thin skin and that’s because it’s so important to take care for them! First of all, keep them moisturized and protected from dry skin.

Opt for a good thick cream, and apply it every day. It takes only a few minutes, and your breasts will look great!

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5. Don’t forget about sunscreen

Just because your breasts are covered it doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to sun damage. Breasts have very tender skin, so use sunscreen regularly. Many dermatologists recommend an SPF of 60 or more for breasts.

6. Watch your weight

Obese women are at higher risk for breast cancer. Extra fat will stretch out your skin, making it hard to keep your breasts from sagging that lead to a lot of bruising and back/breast pain and torn ligaments. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for the health of your breasts!

7. Eat healthy

You need to maintain a nutritious, well-balanced diet for your well-being, and especially for the health of your breasts. There are a few foods you can eat to prevent you from getting breast cancer. Plums, peaches, salmon, olive oil, broccoli, walnuts and coffee are only a few things to add to your diet for the health of your breasts!

What other tips for taking care of your breasts do you know? Share your thoughts, please!