Increase Your Breast Size Naturally


Increasing your breast size does not have to involve going under the knife. The revolutionary Venus Medical Breast Enhancer device has been endorsed by medical professionals thanks to its ability to boost breast fullness through vibration. Unlike breast augmentation surgery, this method of increasing breast size is not accompanied by side effects and complications.

Harnessing the power of vibration can have prove beneficial to women who are want to have bigger breasts but do not want to have surgery to do so. This article examines some of the benefits of using the Venus Medical Breast Enhancer device to boost breast size naturally.


1. Breast muscle stimulation

The Venus Medical Breast Enhancer devices uses a gentle vibrating motion to stimulate the breast muscle. Vibrations are already used in the treatment of pain, and there is considerable proof that it can prove beneficial when used on the breasts. Exposing the breasts to the device for twenty to thirty minutes on four to five occasions per week will gradually encourage the breasts to become firmer and healthier.

This is painless, and feels very similar to having a massage. The ‘science’ behind this concept suggests that the body becomes accustomed to the vibrations and begins to add breast muscle and tighten the existing breast muscle as a means of adjusting to them, thus adding both volume and firmness to the breasts.

It takes a while for results to become visible, but many women see noticeable improvement in the look and feel of their breasts after around four months of continuous usage. Some women start to see results after just two months, while it may take up to six months for others.

2. Tension alleviation

By lessening the breast tension that is experienced by many women, breast pain can be significantly reduced. The vibrating motion of the device works in much the same way as massage, and works to relax the breast muscles and relieve tension and pain.

3. Blood circulation

Improving the circulation of blood in the breasts, cell renewal can be increased and the secretion of hormones can also be reactivated. Both of these benefits can help to naturally increase breast size.

Who shouldn’t use it?

The device should be safe to use unless you suffer from: any form of cancer, tumors, phlebitis, heart problems, skin irritation or infections, or you have a pacemaker fitted. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding are also advised not to use the device.

Do not use if you have any form of irritation or wounds in the breast area. If none of these apply to you, you should be safe to use the device, although it is recommended to conduct a test run on a small area of one of your breasts to make sure that there are no adverse reactions before you extend your use to both breasts.