20 Best Tricks to Tighten Sagging Skin after Weight Loss


When you lose a few unwanted pounds, you may not experience loose skin after weight loss. However, when your weight loss goal is to drop 20 pounds (or more), you need to remember these 20 tricks to tighten sagging skin after weight loss.

Many women complain that they can’t fit into their favorite clothes because of sagging skin. They feel bulky, and their bodies don’t look beautiful.

If you are one of them and looking to get rid of loose skin naturally, don’t just wing it and expect amazing results. Keep up these simple yet proven tips, and you will have a perfect body before the bikini season comes.

1. Use almond or coconut oil every day

Using almond or coconut oil every day will moisturize your skin, help you tighten loose skin, and get rid of stretch marks. Rub a little bit of oil along your belly and thighs before bed.

When you wake up, you will have silky smooth nourished skin that will boost your mood instantly. You can also use almond milk for better results.

2. Get a massage at least 4 or 5 times a week

Massage is a popular and effective remedy that helps reduce overall body fat and prevent sagging skin. Getting a massage at least 4 or 5 times a week is a proven way to tighten skin after weight loss.

Many people claim that massage therapy helped them tone their bodies, while others claim it didn’t work for them. Give it a try, and you don’t lose anything. Massage many health benefits, so even if you won’t get rid of saggy skin, you will improve your overall health.

3. Incorporate weight training into your workout regimen

We all know that weight training helps drop weight, but did you know that it can also help you tighten your skin and tone your body? Incorporate weight training into your workout regimen every week (at least 3-4 times a week) to see the first results. But don’t overdo it.

You don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. A little bit of toned muscle will help your skin look tighter as well as boost your confidence and improve your overall look.

4. Add calisthenics to your workout regimen

Another way to build lean muscle and tighten loose skin after weight loss is to do calisthenics each day, or at least 4-5 times a week. Opt for push-ups, jumping jacks, windmills, squats, crunch, etc.

Calisthenics are perfect for people with busy schedules. 10 minutes in the morning or during your lunch break will be enough to perform calisthenics.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eat your 5-6 portions of fruits and vegetables a day to help your skin rebound after weight loss quicker. The rule is to eat raw fruits and vegetables, don’t cook them.

You can eat any fruit and vegetable you like, from berries, grapefruit, mango, banana to carrots, avocado, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The choice is endless; the only thing you have to do is to make a smart choice.

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6. Don’t use beauty products that contain sulfates

Whether you are trying to tighten loose skin or take care of your skin, you should never use beauty products that contain sulfates. When buying a shampoo, a soap, a body wash, or a cleanser, make sure it doesn’t contain sulfates. Sulfates irritate and over-dry your skin, causing wrinkles, sagging skin, and body acne.

7. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. It also helps to tighten sagging skin after weight loss. Use sea salt scrubs twice a day to increase your blood flow three times a week, which helps get elastic, beautiful skin in a jiff.

Make sure you moisturize your skin after exfoliation. If you don’t have sea salt scrubs, opt for mineral scrubs or any other scrub instead.

8. Incorporate lean protein into your daily eating plan

Including lean protein in your meal plan will help keep your weight under control and improve your skin after weight loss. Lean protein is an excellent source of collagen and essential vitamins and minerals your skin needs to stay healthy and elastic.

When combined with exercise, a diet rich in lean protein can help build lean muscle, which will help you look more toned. Consume lean protein after your workouts to build lean muscle fast. Cottage cheese, beans, legumes, eggs, and chicken are all good options.

9. Don’t shed pounds too quickly

It’s so tempting to starve yourself and spend hours exercising each day in order to see fast results, but you should never do it. First, because you can ruin your health. Second, because it can sag your skin, and it will be extremely difficult to tone your body.

Stick to your diet, work out regularly, make smart snack choices and get rid of your bad habits. This way, you will drop weight and prevent sagging skin.

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10. Drink up

Your skin and body need water to look healthy and work properly. If you don’t drink enough water during the day, your skin will look more dry, wrinkled, and saggy.

Develop a habit of drinking 8 glasses of water (not tea, coffee, or soda!) each day. You can add lemon or lime to speed up your metabolism, improve the health of your skin and boost your immune system.

11. Take a shower after a swimming pool

If you are a big fan of swimming and you often swim in pools, you should always take a warm shower (not hot!) after it and apply a moisturizer all over your body. The thing is, most swimming pools have excess chlorine that can over-dry your skin and make it less elastic.

12. Use a tightening mask 3 times a week

Many tightening masks to choose from, but most of them are pricey or contain ingredients that irritate and dry the skin. Avoid spending money and damaging your skin health by making your own tightening mask at home.

Mix two-three egg whites and apply the mixture to your problem areas (usually belly and thighs), let it dry for a few minutes, and rinse it off with warm water. Apply your moisturizer and enjoy soft and smooth skin.

However, don’t expect awesome results after using this mask for the first time. You will need to use it several times to see the results.

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13. Use your own body cleanser

If most scrubs and cleansers dry and irritate your skin, try making your own body cleanser. Combine sugar, yogurt (or milk), papaya, strawberries, or grapes, and a few drops of fresh orange juice to make a natural body cleanser. Use it a few times a week to tighten your loose skin after weight loss.

14. Castor oil and lemon juice

When combined with lemon juice, castor oil is one of the best remedies for sagging skin. Combine a little bit of lemon juice with a few tablespoons of castor oil and rub it into your problem areas. Do it before going to bed every day or a few days a week.

15. Use a skin firming lotion each day

Skin firming lotions won’t give you instant results. However, using it each day can help you in your battle against sagging skin.

Many women use skin firming lotions after pregnancy, too. When buying your skin firming lotion, look for a lotion that contains vitamin E, vitamin A, aloe vera, and herbal ingredients, which help boost collagen and elastin production in the body.

16. Use a collagen cream, if it works for you

Collagen creams are known to help women get rid of sagging skin. However, they don’t work for everyone. If you use your collagen cream for a few weeks and don’t see any results, stop using it.

You can try another brand or skip this step. If you see any improvements in your skin after using a collagen cream, then incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

17. Stay away from junk food

Maybe this tip sounds obvious, but many people are so happy that they shed weight that they forget about healthy eating. Junk food can cause weight gain, and it isn’t good for your skin, not to mention your overall health.

Stay away from high-fat foods, packaged foods, and drinks that contain added sugars. As I already mentioned, it’s better to eat raw foods to improve your skin and keep your weight under control.

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18. Yoga

Yoga boasts tons of fantastic benefits: it helps fight stress, anxiety, and depression, it helps you feel calmer and sleep better, and it helps you be more flexible and tighten your sagging skin. You don’t have to take yoga classes; find some free online videos or courses and practice yoga at home. Practice yoga regularly to feel and see its benefits in a week.

19. Avoid sun and hot water

When you are trying to tighten sagging skin, you should limit your sun exposure and avoid tanning beds and tanning spray booths. You should also avoid hot water as well as chlorinated water.

Sun and hot water can cause sagging and stretch marks. Soaking in a hot tub and taking hot showers may sound relaxing, but it’s not good for your body.

20. Seaweed wraps

A seaweed wrap has many health and weight loss benefits. It’s usually made by combining seaweed with hot or warm water, and sometimes clay, essential oils, and some other useful skincare ingredients.

I didn’t find any negative reviews about seaweed wraps but found many people who say that these wraps are really effective. Probably, the only drawback is its price: the average cost is $75-100. If you can afford seaweed wraps, then why not?

It’s hard to tighten saggy skin after weight loss, especially if you shed tons of pounds. Hopefully, these little tricks will help you to achieve your goal and get silky smooth skin in a month (or less). Please don’t overdo it, though. Do and eat everything in moderation and see your doctor if needed.