7 Different Dress Types for Different Body Shapes


Every woman can look gorgeous in a dress no matter what her body shape. But not every dress looks great on every woman. There are different dress types for different body shapes that all women should be aware of.

I have never thought about it until I started to wear more dresses. Check out the list of different dress types for different body shapes, and pick the most flattering dress for your body type.

1. Shirt dress

If you have an hourglass shape, the shirt dress is the perfect choice for you. However, make sure you choose this dress only if you’re completely satisfied with your body shape. The shirt dress doesn’t offer a lot of camouflage, but it is very beautiful, especially with the right figure.

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2. A-line dress

This dress can work for every woman, which is great. It’s universally flattering and both apple and pear shapes can wear the A-line dress. Typically, tall women enjoy wearing this dress type. A-line dresses are not so great for petite women.

3. Maxi dress

If you’re a petite woman, you have to be careful with maxi dresses. If you’re under five foot four, opt for a small print.

In fact, a beautiful maxi dress can be perfect for anyone, especially for those who have a long torso. If you have a slightly boyish body type, you can also wear maxi dresses.

4. Peplum dress

Peplum dresses are good for broad shouldered women. Because the peplum dress has some flare at the hips, it’ll help you find some balance. The thing is that the wider flare hip helps equal out your broad shoulders. It’s quite fantastic how well a peplum dress works for you if you have this body type.

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5. Mini dress

The mini dress is great for a petite woman. Yes, a petite woman doesn’t have the long legs, but this dress type can accentuate her legs and even make them look longer.

Do you want your legs to look even longer? Wear a pair of nude heels with a nice mini dress. I personally think that every woman should have at least one mini dress in her closet.

6. Wrap dress

The wrap dress is perfect for a pear shaped woman. It accentuates the small waist of woman with a pear shaped body.

The wrap dress is also wonderful for a woman who wants to accentuate the proportions of her body. It draws attention to a woman’s beautiful curves in a feminine way. Moreover, the wrap dress seems to minimize the waist as well as add attention to the bust.

7. Sheath dress

Sheath dresses are wonderful for apple-shaped women. This dress can help hide a bit of your tummy. Just make sure you don’t wear a sheath dress which is too small.

Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to hide anything. The best thing about the sheath dress is that it can be worn by most body shapes.

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It’s really great to know that there are dress types for different body shapes. The body shape of every woman is different. You just need to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

What’s your favorite dress type?