6 Styling Tips for Short Women


If you are a short woman, then you have some advantages in the fashion world. Sometimes it can be difficult for a tall woman to find clothing, especially the fashionable clothes for the season. You can just add some length to a skirt or a pair of pants by letting down the hemline, and you can take up your pants or your skirt as much as you need to get the perfect fit. If you’re a short woman, your aim is to create the illusion of length. You can do it by tricking the eye using some fashion techniques. Check out a few best styling tips for short women!

1. Wear high waisted pants and skirts

For maximum height, try to wear higher waisted skirt or pants. High waisted pants create the illusion of height and an elongated leg. If you are shorter in stature, you should stay away from hip pant styles.

2. Wear monochromatic colors

You can easily lengthen the line of your body by wearing monochromatic colors. When you wear a different colored top and bottom, you can visually cut your body in half that makes you look shorter. This is especially true if one color is dark and the other light. Instead try to wear a monochromatic outfit in one shade of pants and shirt or skirt and shirt. It creates a long, lean line adding the illusion of height to your body. Remember monochromes will make you look longer!

3. Wear dark colors

I’m not telling you to wear dark colors all the time, but dark colors, especially monochromatic, give an elongated look to your body and add the illusion of height. A slim black pants and black top with the right accessories and black high heels can give a long, lean line that’s really great for plenty of occasions. Moreover, dark colors make you look thinner and that’s an added bonus!

4. Choose your shoe carefully

Just because you are a short woman, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear stiletto heels every day. Choose a comfortable shoe with a moderate heel and hose that matches your outfit.

5. Avoid Capri pants and flared pants

If you wear pants that cover your shoe, you will appear to be taller. The popular Capri pants can make you look shorter so don’t even think about them! Avoid flared pants. Instead, wear straight pants if you want to look taller.

6. Choose a thin belt

Bulky, thick belts can cut the length of your body and make you look shorter. That’s why you have to choose a thinner belt, of course, if you wear belts at all. Stay away from a belt in a color which contrasts with a shade of your outfit. You need to maintain a simple, clean line!

Even if you are not tall, you can still look great in the latest fashions. Do you know any styling tips for short women? Share your thoughts, please.