7 Ways to Exercise without Exercising


When you live a busy life and you don’t have free time to work out, you need to learn a few ways to exercise without exercising. Whether you don’t have time or you want to get extra toning in, check out several ways to burn calories in your everyday life. Adding some of these best ways to exercise without exercising into your day can make a big difference in your health over time.

1. Breath

Breathing exercise is a significant part of many workouts. Using breathing pattern can increase oxygen to your organs and help your muscles to relax. When you feel sluggish or stressed, try to inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 10. This pattern can help circulation, increase oxygen, and reduce fatigue and stress.

2. Do your daily activities faster

Another best way to exercise without exercising that gets your heart rate up and shaves a few minutes off your daily routine is to do your daily activities faster! For example, you can do this by making your bed. Between lifting comforters, pillows, and all the tucking, work up quite a sweat. Add more speed and you have a real exercise! Try putting a competition in it and see how much faster you could be.

3. Play with your pets

Exercise is important not only to you, but to your furry buddies too. Go for a walk with your dog and play and run with him! A walk a day is a perfect way to bond with your beloved pet and it’s good for his joints and yours as well. Figure out what activities your pet enjoys and make it your daily routine. In this way you and your pet will stay healthy and fit, and get some bonding in too.

4. Climb the stairs

By choosing the stairs over the elevator, you’re burning fat, increasing your heart rate, loosening up stiff joints, and building muscle. So many advantages! And if you wear heels, this will work your calves too. This is one of the best ways to exercise without exercising!

5. Sit up straight

Do you know that sitting up straight can do wonders for your back and abs, and can help your health? The thing is that poor posture may lead to a permanent curvature of your spine. Such permanent position can cause nerve and spinal disk problems, muscle pain, and problems with your blood vessels. By sitting up straight you can reduce the risks of arthritis in your joints.

6. Jog

I’m not talking about jogging in the sense of running a mile. Instead of walking to your desk or to your kitchen, try jogging. Scientists say that quick bursts of activity may have the same fat burning and muscle toning effects as a 20-30 minute workout! This brief exercise will help your body to regulate blood sugar levels as well as burn more calories.

7. Take a grocery basket

Taking a grocery basket instead of a grocery cart is a great arm exercise and a perfect way to curb your unnecessary spending. Holding a basket will work your biceps, triceps, trapezius and all muscles in your forearms. Make sure you swap your arms every few minutes.

What are some of your favorite ways to exercise without exercising? Share your thoughts, please!