7 Exercises You Can Do during Your Period


Don’t use your period as an excuse to skip your exercise, but do listen to your body if you need a break from it. One day off each month is not a bad thing.

However, if you skip your exercise from the first hint of PMS to the last day of your period, then you will be sitting on your couch for about 2 weeks each month without exercise, and that’s really too long. Check out some exercises you can do during your period.

1. Yoga

Your yoga fitness routine during your period can come in many forms. Most poses have options to match any skill level.

It’s not recommended to do inversions during your period, even though this has no definitive medical basis. I love yoga and think that this is one of the best exercises I can do during my period!

2. Walking

Walking gets you moving without any danger or injury. So, put on some sunblock and sneakers, and hit the road! Walking is not a big calorie burner, but you’ll feel great about the fact that you work out. Don’t think about calorie count during your period.

3. Dancing

Dancing is not exercise in the traditional sense, but it’ll rev up your heart rate and even burn calories. When you are on your period, you might need some motivation to dress up and feel good about who you’re. Dancing will definitely improve your mood and make you feel awesome.

4. Jogging

If you want to jog, then go for it. The endorphins you release during an intense cardio exercise can help you beat the period icky that you may be feeling. Don’t forget to drink water before, during and after your run, because you dehydrate more easily on your period.

5. Planking

Start with putting your elbows and arms under your chest. Raise your body with your forearms and toes, hold for 30 seconds or as long as you can. This is an intense all-over exercise. Make the most of your TV time by holding a plank position during every other commercials.

6. Aerobics

Sometimes, you can go a little crazy when you are on your period. Aerobic exercise is one of the perfect ways to let loose. Moreover, aerobics classes are usually held in a friendly environment where the focus is on fun.

7. Squats

This is a great exercise you can do during your period! Squats target the core, thighs, and butt. Make sure that you dip as low as possible when you squat to engage many muscles. Keep your chin and eyes up as you dip, and lower your body as if going to sit down.

Do you know any other exercises to do during the period? Share your thoughts, please!