7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While on Your Period


If you don’t want to feel down during your period, you should pay attention to what you are eating during that time of the month. Did you know that there are certain foods you should avoid eating while on your period?

When it comes to painful cramps, bloating and mood swings, food plays an important role. Although there is no magical cure for PMS, check out the list of the foods you shouldn’t eat while on your period to feel better.

1. Processed foods

Processed foods are a quick and easy choice, but they can make you feel even worse. For instance, canned foods and chips contain large amounts of sodium, which can cause discomfort and bloating. Choose wholesome foods and healthy snacks, such as a handful of unsalted nuts.

2. Fatty meats

Meats contain high amounts of saturated fat, which can cause inflammation and pain. Moreover, if you are suffering from menstrual cramps, these fats can worsen your pain.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t eat fatty meats while on your period. However, if you can’t live a day without meat, try eating lean meats or fish.

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3. Commercial baked goods

I know, all those baked goods are so delicious, but unfortunately they contain great amounts of trans-fats, elevating the estrogen level. It can cause a pain in the uterus, when you are on your period.

I suggest you to eat bread that is rich in fiber instead. If you stick to a healthy diet, opt for whole grain bread.

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4. Sugary foods

Cakes, cookies, candies and other sugary foods are all unhealthy options and you should never eat these foods, especially if you want to stay healthy and slim. Sugary foods boost your mood for only a little while.

During your period, sugary foods worsen menstrual cramps and can even make you feel miserable. If you are craving sugar, opt for some sweet fruits such as peach, melon, or mango.

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5. Ice cream, cheese and cream

I don’t know about you, but I like dairy products, but they contain fats and have the same effects as most fatty meats. From personal experience, I can recommend you to avoid eating ice cream, cream and cheeses while on your period.

Also, try to avoid creamy or cheesy dishes when cooking. If you crave ice cream, choose a non-dairy gelato with no added sugar.

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6. Caffeine

Caffeine contributes to cramps and can cause irregular periods. Moreover, it can cause mood swings and sleep difficulties. It’s recommended to avoid drinking coffee during your period.

You can drink teas instead, though many of them contain caffeine, but it has less caffeine than coffee. It’s also recommended to avoid drinking energy drinks.

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7. Alcohol

Alcohol worsens PMS symptoms and cramps and it can also cause mood swings and lead to depression. The thing is, alcohol can act as a blood thinner, increasing your flow and causing more discomfort. Enjoy your cup of tea and stay away from alcohol and coffee.

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Most women experience discomfort during their period. If you are one of them, avoiding consuming these foods and drinks may be the perfect solution for you. What’s your favorite food to eat while on your period?