4 Reasons to Give the Gift of a Christmas Cactus This Holiday Season


The Christmas cactus makes a beautiful gift for almost anyone on your Christmas list. A delightful succulent, this plant will bloom in shades of red, pink, purple, or white.

Contrary to what the name implies the Christmas cactus doesn’t always bloom just during the month of December. It will however, usually bloom sometime between the months of November through March. Read on to see four fantastic reasons to give the gift of a Christmas cactus this holiday season.

The Christmas cactus is a personalized gift that keeps on giving

Instead of inanimate objects like coffee mugs, puzzles, or games the Christmas cactus is a gift that is actually living. With the proper care and attention this plant will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.

Unlike other Christmas gifts this flowering cactus will not get lost, misplaced, broken or even hidden away in a closet to re-gift next year. Instead, each year when the buds begin to bloom the flowers will be a wonderful reminder to your special friend or loved one of the personal relationship the two of you share. A Christmas cactus truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

The Christmas cactus is affordable

With the current recession, many people are looking to trim their Christmas spending. What better way than to spend less than $10.00 on a gift that is alive, personal, and memorable? It just doesn’t get much more affordable than this.

Owning a Christmas cactus is fun and mysterious

One of the most exciting things about owning this plant is you never know exactly when it is going to bloom. Although some Christmas cactus owners will try and force their plant to bloom at Christmas time, doing so defeats half the fun of owning one.

The true joy of owning this cactus is the mystery of not knowing exactly which month it is going to bloom. Because it can bloom anywhere from November through March you can have flowers on or around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Valentine’s Day and even St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re real lucky this beautiful succulent might even bloom twice for you during this five month period.

A Christmas cactus is very low maintenance

Do you know someone who is overworked, overstressed and has very little time? This is the perfect plant for this type of person. Alternatively, do you know someone who really enjoys plants but doesn’t seem to have a green thumb?

Again, this is the perfect plant. It is almost impossible to kill a Christmas cactus. The only thing these plants require is indirect sunlight and a watering when the top inch of the soil is dry (generally once or twice a month). Plant care truly doesn’t get any easier than this.

Save yourself money, create warm memories with loved ones, and give a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come. Give the gift of a Christmas cactus this holiday season.