21 Powerful Butt Exercises


If you type “exercises for butt” into Google, you’ll see many pointless links. For those girls who want to go from slightly saggy to sexually attractive butt I’ve got the list of 21 best butt exercises that help tone your butt, thighs, legs and many other spots of the body.

However, don’t forget about healthy eating. Eating whole foods helps to make your butt look bigger and your body slimmer. So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Put on your favorite workout clothes and let’s go!

1. Front lunges

Lunges are among the best exercises that help shape and tone your butt and legs. Front lunges are easy to perform and they make a great warm-up exercise that you can do before your workout.

Stand up straight with your hands on your hips, take a big step forward with one leg, and bend your knee at a 90-degree angle. Take step back, and then repeat 15 to 20 times per leg.

2. Side lunges

Side lunges are just as effective as front lunges. Perform side lunges the way you do front lunges, but instead of taking step forward with one leg you go forward and to the right with your right leg, or left with your left leg. Not only does this exercise helps to tone your butt, it helps to sculpt your legs too.

3. Back lunges

Back lunges are a bit harder to perform than front and side lunges, but they are even more effective when it comes to toning your butt.

Instead of taking step forward, step back to do back lunges. To avoid a fall and an injury, try to perform this exercise slowly.

4. Squats

One of the best exercises that you can do almost everywhere is squats. You will definitely get a better butt in a few weeks because this exercise really works the glutes.

Stand with your hands straight in front of you, keep your back straight, then squat until your thighs are level with the ground, and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. To keep your balance, you can lean against a tree or a wall.

5. Running

Running provides you with many health, fitness and weight loss benefits. It helps to burn fat, drop weight, fight stress and anxiety, boost your energy, and even can help you prevent depression.

Running is good for your heart and, of course, for your butt, not to mention that it’s a powerful way to tone the leg muscles. If running isn’t for you, jogging or walking is a good option too.

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6. Leg lifting

Leg lifting is an easy 5-10 minute workout that helps to strengthen and tighten your butt and legs. Lie on your back, legs straight, hands flat on the ground, raise one leg straight in the air without bending your knee, then raise your hips off the ground, hold this position for 5 (or more) seconds. Repeat 10 to 15 reps per leg.

7. Step aerobics

Step aerobics is a great workout for your butt even if you do just simple up and down steps, one foot at a time. Try stepping along to your favorite song, video, or workout DVD. Step aerobics is versatile, which means you can develop your own routine and add your own moves to it.

8. Hurdle

Add some variety and boost your running workout with sprinting or add some hurdles. The combination of running and jumping helps to sculpt your butt and burn tons of calories. Don’t overdo it, though. The last thing you want is to deal with a leg injury after your workout.

9. Scissor kick

Perhaps you know this exercise since your childhood and think it’s too simple and less effective. In fact, many fitness gurus claim that the scissor kick exercise is incredibly effective as it targets multiple muscle groups.

Lie straight on one side, prop up on one elbow, then lift slowly your outer leg, keeping both legs straight. Hold leg in the air for 15 seconds, return to normal position, and repeat 15 reps per leg.

10. Bend forward

When done daily, this easy exercise helps to shape, tighten, tone, and lift your booty in a matter of minutes. Stand with your feet together, hands on your hips, bend forward while raising one leg behind you – for balance stretch your arms out in front of you. Do 10 or 12 reps.

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11. Single leg lifting

Stand straight, hands on your hips, slowly lift one leg in front of you, keeping your legs as straight as possible without pointing your toes, hold this position for 15 seconds. Slowly return to normal position, and then start with the other leg. Do 12 or 15 reps.

12. Ballet

Dancers, especially ballerinas, have a fantastic butt, because most of the basic ballet moves and positions are good for bootylicious butt. If you have plenty of time and money, and you don’t enjoy doing lunges and squats, ballet is a fun workout that you may fall in love with.

13. Elliptical trainer

If you go to the gym regularly, you have a wonderful opportunity to sculpt your butt faster. The elliptical trainer is my favorite machine at the gym.

Half an hour or even an hour will be enough to tone your glutes and torch calories. When done in moderation, it’s also a good cardio exercise that keeps your heart healthy.

14. Stair stepper machine

Stair stepper machine isn’t for people who have weak knees. If your knees are strong, stair stepper machine can make your butt tough and bootylicious in a few weeks.

If you can’t afford a gym membership, consider taking the stairs instead of elevator several times a day. Have some stairs at home? Then you don’t need a stair stepper machine, because you can easily work out at home.

15. Squat with single leg

Stand straight with your hands in front of you, kick one of your legs to the side, then squat bending your knee at a 90-degree angle. You may prop your side-swept leg on a pillow. Perform this exercise slowly to avoid an injury.

16. Bridge

Kids love to do the bridge exercise, but it’s not for kids only. You can incorporate this exercise into your daily workout routine to tone your butt and improve your core.

Supine position, arms flat at your sides, start lifting your hips into the air, bending your knees, while keeping your arms flat. Hold this position for 15 or 20 seconds. Repeat 12 or 15 times.

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17. Plank exercise

Prone position, prop yourself up on your elbows, then push up on your toes, and stretch out, keeping your legs straight. Hold this position as long as you can. While it sounds difficult and requires a bit hard work, it’s possible to learn how to perform the plank exercise without going to the gym.

18. Bouncing on a trampoline

A research carried out by NASA showed 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a lot better cardio workout than 33 minutes of running. It’s a fun and simple exercise that you can do with your little ones to spend some quality family time and tone your butt at the same time.

19. Biking

Whether it’s a stationary bike or a regular bike, biking is another effective exercise for your butt. Actually, biking has many health and fitness benefits.

It’s a low-impact exercise for people of all ages. Moreover, regular biking leads to lower commuting expenses as well as health care expenses.

20. Yoga

When it comes to the best butt exercises, yoga is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. Although yoga is not as effective as lunges and squats, it can help you tone your whole body, including your butt.

You can practice yoga at home or take a yoga class. Regardless of your choice, you will feel awesome results in a week.

21. Butt pinches

Butt pinches are a quick and easy workout for your butt and calves. Stand straight, feet together, raise yourself on your tiptoes, “punch” your butt together, hold for five seconds, then return in normal position. You can do this exercise while you’re waiting in line.

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Spending hours in the gym isn’t the best and fastest way to sculpt your butt. There are so many great exercises that you can do almost everywhere to prevent saggy butt.

Don’t expect to see fantastic results overnight. Incorporating these butt exercises to your workout routine and eating healthy foods throughout the day will help you see the results in a week, for sure.

Which of these best butt exercises do you enjoy performing daily?