8 Simple Exercises to Do While Watching TV


Have you ever thought about exercising while watching TV? There are plenty of simple workouts you can do while watching your favorite TV show or during commercials.

Just clear space in front of the TV, get your workout gear on, grab a fitness ball, two dumbbells, turn on your favorite series or show and start working out, but make sure you drink enough water to exercise efficiently. Check out 8 simple exercises you can do in front of the TVstrong>.

1. Chair Leg Raises

This is one of the quick and easy exercises that will help tone your legs. Stand with a chair holding the back of the chair with your hands, shoulder-distance apart. Now, tighten your butt, hold one leg and raise the other leg, keep it straight, and then bring your leg back.

Do a few sets of 10-15 reps on every leg. You can also do leg raises while sitting on chair.

2. Leg Raises

Leg raises is one of the best workouts you can do in front of the TV. Lying on your left side with the left hand holding your head slowly raise your right leg, making a 45 or even 90 degree angle, then drop it back to two inches away from the left leg. Do 15-20 reps, and then switch legs.

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3. Stretch

Stretching is a great way to feel more relaxed while watching your favorite show. However, if you lose your concentration it’s better to avoid doing stretch while you watch TV. If done incorrectly, it can be very harmful! Do what you feel is best for you.

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4. Leg Scissors

For leg scissors, lie in the same position as for leg raises. Raise both legs slightly off the ground, and swing your top leg forward and your lower leg back in one fluid. Do 15-20 reps, and then switch.

While this exercise is quick and easy, the movement is toning your core and legs. If this workout seems too simple for you, try adding ankle weights.

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5. Folding clothes

Who said folding laundry is not a workout? I love to fold my clothes while watching TV, especially during commercial breaks. Folding laundry is actually some kind of movement, and it’s an easy and fast way to get your laundry done while enjoying your favorite show or series.

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6. Squats and burpee

You know, squats and burpee are a wonderful workout to do anytime, so why not do a few when you watch TV? When doing squats make sure your knees don’t fall in front of the toes!

If you want to amp up your squat, take a medicine ball or dumbbell and hold the squat position with the arms extended, holding the dumbbell or ball. Don’t forget to keep your back as straight as you can.

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7. Lunges

Perhaps the best thing about lunges, when it comes to exercising in front of the TV, is that the screen stays at eye level! You can do forward lunge and reverse lunge, or clear a space in front of the TV to lunge through. You can also try diagonal lunges on every leg, or do lunges while keeping two dumbbells in your hands.

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8. Pilates

Have you ever tried your favorite routine while watching TV? If you are into Pilates, yoga, or belly dancing, why not try to do it in front of the TV? Sure, some moves will make it difficult to watch TV, but opt for moves that will work and start moving.

I love to do Pilates while watching my favorite series. You can give it a try too. Just don’t allow yourself to get too distracted, and make sure you keep up with proper breathing, normal movement and you have a little rest.

These are some of the easiest workouts you can do while watching your favorite show. Remember you can always mix and match your favorite exercises! Although you won’t get all of the advantages of a usual workout, it’s a good way to stay active while watching TV.

What exercise do you do in front of your TV?