5 Tips for Making Money Growing Vegetables


Growing vegetables at home not only saves you money, but you can make a profit from your hard work. When you have an abundant amount of vegetables, you can sell them to people who prefer local produce. There are many different ways for you to make money with your vegetables, but you will have to consider your options carefully.

1. Crops

Before you sell your crops, you must inspect them carefully to ensure that you are offering the highest quality produce. Choose crops that are fresh and healthy. Discard any crops that show signs of spoilage.

Maximize your profits by selecting vegetables that are popular in your region, and only sell vegetables that are in season. Harvest all your crops and organize them carefully.

2. Local store

When you are ready to sell your produce, consider taking the vegetables to a local store. Before you contact a store, figure out a base price for the produce. If you are unsure of a price, scope out your competitors to see how they price their vegetables.

Contact grocery stores in the area to determine if they are interested in purchasing local produce. Selling the produce to a retailer will make you money, but you can make more if you cut out the middle man.

3. Sell

Find a local farmer’s marker or flea market in your area. Contact the main office to determine how much it costs to rent a booth or space. Locations that receive high volumes of consumers will allow you to sell your produce quickly.

Set up a booth that looks presentable to encourage consumers to purchase the vegetables. Place the produce in organized boxes and crates.

Make signs that tell the consumer the price so they are not discouraged to purchase from you. If you sell vegetables by the pound, set out a scale for them to use.

4. Home garden

If you do not have the time to travel, you can sell the produce at your home garden where consumers can come pick their own vegetables. Attract customers by giving them a discount if they buy in bulk.

Before you decide to invite people to your garden, check the laws in your city or state. Some regions may not allow you to host a “pick your own” service.

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5. Sell on the roadside

Select a popular intersection or road in your town to sell the vegetables. Set up a roadside stand to attract people to purchase your produce. A roadside stand allows you to sell your vegetables without competition. You can set up a stand or sell the vegetables out of your truck.

When you set up a roadside stand, create signs that direct people to your produce. List the vegetables that you are selling and the price ranges. Always check local zoning restrictions before you sell on the roadside to prevent breaking any laws.

Regardless of the method that you choose, you will need customers to make money. Solicit friends, neighbors and businesses to buy your produce to help promote your vegetables.

Create fliers and advertisements to attract customers. Keep your customers happy by offering sales, discounts and promotions so that they will continue to come back and purchase from you.