7 Easy Exercises for Perfect Calves


Well-formed, sexy calves, that’s what we all want! Nevertheless, how to gain them? Don’t worry, I’ll help you!

My personal trainer gave me some exercises for perfect calves, which you can add to your daily usual workout. So, these 7 easy exercises for perfect calves for you:

1. Single leg calf lifting

It’s one of the easiest exercises! Stand straight, feet together, hands on the bar (it may be chair), bend right knee, put your left foot on tiptoe, hold this position for three seconds. Return slowly to normal position, and repeat three sets of 20 with each foot.

2. Double leg calf lifting

I always do this exercise while I’m queuing on at the grocery. Stand with your hands on the cart, start pushing yourself up, till you are standing on your tiptoes, then turn round your heels with your toes a little off the ground, return to normal position. If you are in queue, do it until it ends. If you are in gym, do it three sets of 20.

3. Seated calf lifting

It’s another easy exercise for calves, that you can do at home, at the office, or at the gym. In gym, there is a special seated calf machine, but we won’t talk about this.

At home or office, you can do this exercise in following way: sit straight in a chair, bent your knees and feet touch the floor, place a weight on your lap, then start pushing yourself up, till you are standing on your tiptoes, return to normal position. Repeat for three sets of 20. For weight, you can use any book you have.

4. Running, jogging, walking

Such cardio exercises, as running, jogging or walking, work well for your calves. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes to avoid accident.

5. Stair stepper

You can do this great exercise whether in gym or at home, make choice yourself! In gym, there is a stair climber machine.

However, at home, at the office or school stadium, there are regular stairs that can give you the same training. Remember to wear comfortable shoes to avoid accident.

6. Knee circles

This is another easy exercise for perfect calves. Stand straight, hands on your hips, legs together, stand on your tiptoes, and then slowly twine with your knees bent as if you are making circles.

7. Ankle circles

Stand straight, hands on your hips, raise left foot in front of you, using your toes paint a circle in the air. For balance, you may use a chair or a bar. Repeat three sets of 20 with each foot.

You may say, that this is a morsel of calf exercises, but believe me, they help you to get perfect calves ready for shorts season! Which of these calf exercises do you like best? Maybe you have another exercise for calves you can advise? Please share!