Workout Tips for the Lazy Man


Not all of you have the time or energy to look like Hercules. Sure, you’ll pick up the latest fitness magazine, see the greased-up behemoth on the cover and think, “Man, wouldn’t it be great to look like that!” Then reality sets in, and you start to realize that it would take a lot of work, real hard work, to achieve a body even remotely close to that.

You, probably like most people, sit in an office all day, have other familial obligations, and are likely too tired to go to the gym. Maybe you just find working out in public embarrassing or boring. Well, the good news is you can still be healthy and fit without ever stepping foot in a gym. Who knows, you might even have fun doing alternative workouts designed for the lazy man.

1. Stretch before working out

The most important thing to remember is that even people in fantastic shape need to stretch before working out. You can do stretches anywhere, and they are a great workout in and of themselves. So when you sit down in front of the couch to watch TV, instead of just laying down like an oaf, do some stretches during the introduction or first commercial break.

Just remember that you’re probably out of shape and even stretching can cause injury if not done properly. So now that you’re good and warmed up, what do you do next? Well, that really depends on what you consider fun.

Alright, you might be thinking, “Workouts can’t be fun. If they were I’d do them all the time!” Well, we live in a new world and there are a ton of activities that can be done right in your own home that are both fun and beneficial to your health.

2. Active component for gaming consoles

Video games used to be for the laziest people, but not anymore. Consider that most gaming consoles have an active component to them. If you want to burn a few calories just fire up your Wii or Xbox and play one of the sporting games against the computer or your family.

You’d never think it, but just playing these simple games will help you drop pounds. If you get more serious, opt for Wii Fit or the equivalent on the Xbox or Playstation. These games are specifically designed to get you in shape and provide a whole bunch of charts and graphs designed to help you track your progress.

Maybe video games aren’t for you, so you go out and buy a stationary bike or another training device. The problem is just riding on a bike can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s up to you to do anything you can to make mundane activities more exciting.

For some that might be as simple as watching TV or listening to music while they are working out. Another good idea is to constantly set small goals for yourself and see if you can meet them. You’ll be amazed at how much faster the time goes. All these advertisements on TV showing perfectly toned people working out at the gym can be a little daunting.

Why would you want to be surrounded by people who are all in better shape than you? Now you can get into the shape you’ve always wanted to in the comfort of your own home, and still be the same fundamentally lazy guy you always were. Eventually, you may feel so good about yourself that you’ll actually (gasp) want to join a gym.