10 Surefire Ways to Get a Flat Stomach


Looking for some effective ways to get a flat tummy? While sit ups, crunches, steam engines and many other abdominal workouts are great, it’s not enough to get a flat stomach.

In fact, these workouts are perfect for strengthening your stomach muscles and they don’t help you lose stomach fat. To see those trained, sculpted belly muscles, you need to eat healthy and do the right set of workouts. Start following these tips for getting a flat stomach and wear your swimsuit with confidence.

1. Boost your protein intake

Increase your protein intake to speed up your metabolism by having 4 hardboiled egg whites for breakfast. This way you will speed up your metabolism in the morning and become closer to your fitness goal.

The point is that protein-rich foods take much more work to digest, absorb, metabolize, and use. This means you burn much more calories and you feel full much longer.

Protein is certainly important for ensuring you lose fat without losing muscle. And it’s a surefire way to get a flat tummy.

2. Have your apple every day

One of the most effective ways to get a flat stomach is to eat your fruits and veggies every day. Aim for 2-4 fruits and 4-6 vegetables per day to improve your immunity and increase your fiber intake.

I recommend you to start eating an apple every day. Apples contain pectin that helps reduce cholesterol. Plus, apples are a natural hunger suppressant.

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3. Add weight training to your workout routine

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when you don’t exercise. That’s because weight training boosts your metabolism.

When you only do cardio workouts without weight training, you lose the muscle mass as well as the muscle in your belly. To get a flat stomach, make sure you add weight training to your workout routine.

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4. Drink up

Drinking enough water each day aids in weight loss that can help you get a flat stomach. Try drinking a glass of water before eating and you’ll be less hungry and you’ll eat less. Sometimes we can mistake thirst for hunger, so you need to learn to recognize hunger and the best way to do it is to drink water before every meal.

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5. Improve your cardio workout

To achieve a flat stomach, you should get 3 60-minute high intensity workouts. Try running for 10 minutes, then go for a 1 minute sprint, do 5-10 burpees and 15-20 push-ups.

To get the best results you need to repeat this workout at least 5 times. However, begin with 1 set and then try to build your stamina to repeat it 5 times.

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6. Don’t eat late at night

What time you eat could be the key to getting a flat stomach. Don’t eat anything 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. I know it’s difficult, but it’s important. Your metabolism slows when you sleep and it means you don’t burn any calories you ate before going to bed.

Although there are many healthy bedtime snacks, it’s better to eat in the morning. Again, try drinking a glass of water, you might be thirsty, not hungry.

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7. Plyometrics

Plyometrics are great anaerobic exercises that you can do to get a flat stomach faster. When you do plyometrics, you work out at 90% intensity and you boost your metabolic rate, meaning you burn a lot of calories.

Don’t think these exercises are difficult and boring, they are actually fun. Give it a try and you’ll like them.

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8. Reduce your salt intake

Not only will reducing salt intake help you get a flat tummy, it will improve your overall health. When you consume too much salt, you may suffer from bloating, which is not your fitness goal.

If you can’t reduce your salt intake, you can begin using kosher salt or sea salt to see better results and feel better. These kinds of salt contain less sodium and they can help reduce bloating.

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9. Ditch beer and soda

Beer and soda are the biggest enemies of a flat stomach. If you want a flatter tummy, cut those drinks.

Even seltzer water is bad for you. This will certainly help reduce bloating and calories that are in beer and soda.

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10. Strengthen your body core

When it comes to strengthening your core, it doesn’t mean you should do crunches or some other hard exercises, there are some easiest ways to do that. You just need to sit up straight and be aware of your breathing.

The thing is that when you tighten your stomach when breathing, it gets used to being tight. Yoga can also help you strengthen your body core.

In fact, it’s not hard to achieve a flat stomach, you just need to want it. Eat healthy, get moving and you will certainly make your dreams of a flat and toned tummy into your reality.

What’s your favorite way to get a flat stomach?