7 Ways to Recognize Hunger


Many of us overeat because we fail to recognize hunger. Sometimes we ignore our body signals and continue to eat. It’s important to understand true hunger because overeating is very unhealthy and can cause weight gain and other health problems. Get in touch with your body and use these ways to recognize true hunger.

1. Understand what exactly hunger is

It’s important to understand what exactly hunger is. Do you feel hunger pangs or is your stomach growling?

Hunger is just a sensation that signals the body to eat. Pay attention to your body’s hunger signals and then only eat.

2. Make sure to stay hydrated

Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst. That’s why it’s so vital to stay hydrated! Before you eat your meal be sure to drink a glass of water. In this way, you’ll eat the appropriate amount of food and won’t overeat.

3. Understand when you are usually hungry

To recognize hunger you have to understand when you’re hungry since your body works better when on a schedule. If you are usually hungry before you’re going to work or college and you always eat an hour prior, you might be hungry out of pure emotion. In order to understand your body better and make sure you’re eating out of real hunger try to keep a food journal.

4. Ignore distractions

It’s dinnertime and you have a lot of work to do or have some family problems and other distractions, and you’re feeling that pang of hunger, so what to do? Try to slow down at mealtime and listen to your body signals. Focus on your health and make sure you’re eating for your health.

5. Remember the rule of 15

When you crave something, wait 10-15 minutes for your craving to pass. If you’re still hungry, eat lean protein and your craving will disappear.

The thing is that cravings are often sparked by a deficiency in a mineral or vitamin so try protein first, then a vegetable, and only then a fruit. Remember your body doesn’t need the craving, it actually needs the protein.

6. Eat a healthy balanced meal

When you eat, make sure your meal is a healthy balanced meal of whole grains and lean protein. Eat this food portion-controlled and avoid overeating.

Never eat until you are uncomfortable. Eat a smaller portion, then wait 15 minutes and you will be full.

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7. You are feeling light-headed

If you’re feeling light-headed, you’re past the point of hunger and your blood sugar levels have dropped. Try to eat a slice of fruit and eat lean protein every two to three hours.

Do you ever find yourself eating out of boredom? Do you eat when you’re hungry? Share your thoughts, please!