51 Real Ways to Earn Money


There are many ways to earn money. You can work from home, you can do all kinds of freelancing, you can blog, or you can just save.

Times are tight, and I don’t know any person who wouldn’t like to make some extra cash. So I’ve got for you a list of 51 best ways on how to earn money.

1. Work as freelancer

Working as a freelancer is one of the most popular ways to earn money from home. So if you are a good writer, you’ll be amazed at the extra money you can earn by just signing up with sites such as Freelancer.com or others. Getting a work there can lead to numerous opportunities.

If you are not a good writer, don’t get upset! You can get a job in website design, graphic design, and plenty of other fields.

2. Write CVs

Another way to earn money is all about helping other people to get a job. In fact, it’s not difficult to learn how to write an impeccable CV if you have no idea how to do it. When you learn how to do this, you can join websites that specialize in resume writing, or you can make ads of your own and set your own prices.

3. Start your own business

Have you ever thought about making your own business? Why not?

If you have a side business which is going really good and you want to earn money, then you might think about starting your own business. It can be the card designing, cake making, clothing designing, or whatever.

4. Work as a guest barman

Usually, if you want to tend bar, you should have the proper licenses, but not always. Generally guest barmen are learned all they should know right before the job. In fact, you can make lots of money in just one night, especially if you have got good moves.

5. Start your own blog

It is easy to start a blog, but earning money with it can be done. Actually, you should do a lot of research, and it will not hurt you if ask for some inside advice, either. Before starting your own blog, try to learn as much information as possible!

6. Flip domains

Sometimes to make money you have to spend money, and that’s what this option is all about. You might know that there are many unused domain names out there, and if you think you can resell them for a decent amount of money, you might consider flipping them. But do this one when you know you can earn money!

7. Use Google Adsense

It’s really easy to make some money using Adsense, of course if you’ve worked out how to do this. However, you have to do some research, and you might need some help setting it up on your blog, but when you’ve got it, you’ll earn lots of money!

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8. Become an eBay seller

One of the easiest ways to earn money is to become an eBay seller. You can sell your own things, you can sell for someone else for a commission, or you can create some things to put on the website. Depending on the quality of your merchandise, you can either earn some extra spending cash, or a large amount of extra money.

9. Become a Craigslist entrepreneur

That is another way to earn extra money. You can buy some cheap items on eBay, Craigslist, at consignment shops, or yard sales, fix them up, and sell on Craigslist yourself. However, you should be careful when doing it this way, there are many freaks on Craigslist!

10. Work for eHow

Writing for eHow is a kind of freelancing, but on absolutely other level. Most people use eHow for quite a lot, but you can see the kind of traffic it gets. There are pretty extensive rules to write, but if you stick to them, you can earn a lot of money!