Save Money by Making Your Own Greeting Cards


Why pay $3-$5 for the perfect birthday greeting card for your significant other? You don’t have to pay that much to buy the perfect anniversary card for your spouse.

Don’t spend that much to get the get well card that says just what you want it to say for a friend or co-worker, or the perfect Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Sweetest Day card. You can make such a card yourself on your personal computer. There are software programs you can use to help you make the card that says just what you want it to say, but you can make greeting cards without buying software.

Go to Microsoft website

You can use the official Microsoft website,, to use templates to make cards for a number of occasions including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, or any number of other occasions. You can even find templates for special occasions, such as Black History Month.

Besides using the templates, you have the option to use clip art to make the cards. You can find the templates from the template link on the site.

If you follow the simple instructions, you can download one of the templates on the site and print your card on stock paper, or even regular paper. The card will look good if printed on regular paper; it will look even better if you make it on stock paper, however.

If you have some computers that use an older Windows system or a system that was primarily used in a computer network, you won’t be able to download the template. Such systems include Windows ME, Windows 95, or Windows 98.

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Own text to personalize the card

When you make your own greeting cards you get to use the words included on the template. You can personalize the card also by adding your own text. You don’t have the chance to do that with a card you buy in a store.

Using the template link is only one of the ways to use the site to make greeting cards. Clicking on the images link will take you to a variety of links that you can use to make that special card. You may even already have the perfect clip art image on your own Word program.

Click insert, followed by clip art. Then do a search for whatever the occasion is you want to make a card for. You will find more results if you click that you want to search in all collections.

You might find a Happy Birthday banner with a cake, a heart for Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day, the three wise men or a baby in a manger for Christmas, or other clip art for just the right occasion. You can add your own text, print, and print your card. To add the clip art, you need only click on the image.

Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint

Other Microsoft programs that you might have on your computer can be used to make greeting cards, including Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint. Microsoft Publisher is an especially good program to use to make greeting cards.

That is because the official Microsoft website has a tutorial to help you. You will be able to find various templates and learn how to change the image you use and add text.

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If you want even more help in making your own greeting cards that say just what you want, there are various websites that you can use. Such sites as,, and can be used, and there are other similar sites online.

Some sites will allow you to personalize your card and upload pictures for free. Some will even allow you to print your card for free.

In addition to using your personal computer to make greeting cards, it is also possible to e-mail greeting cards to people to celebrate various occasions for free. Some of the websites that will allow you to e-mail greeting cards are,,, and

The next time you are looking for that perfect greeting card, why spend a lot of money? Make it yourself!