16 Ways to Save Time and Money Every Day


Time is so precious. There can be so many trivial things we do everyday that rack up hours on the clock, leaving less time to actually be productive. After researching what successful people do everyday, there were some definite trends across the board. Most of them involved making great use of their time through various easy methods. These simple tricks are ways to not only maximize on the day, but also save money too.

1. Make an easy breakfast

My favorite go-to breakfast is a smoothie with a good raw organic protein powder and some superfoods from like maca root powder, cacao and chia seeds. It provides essential nutrients and starts the day off with an energy boost.

2. Brew your own coffee

Forget Starbucks! Daily trips to the local coffee house seriously add up. You end up not only spending money on coffee and unhealthy muffins, but also on gas mileage.

3. Set out your clothes for the next day

There’s nothing more stressful than running around in the morning trying to look for something decent to wear. Not to mention the days when you realize the outfit you wanted to wear is still in the dirty hamper. Shamefully, there have been days when I’ve actually had to go shopping in the morning – or worse, be late because I had to wait for the washer and dryer to do its thing. Save time, money, and peace of mind by placing everything out the night before.

4. Donate clothes (or better yet trade them in)

This can be a tough one for us closet hoarders. We think, “One day this might be the perfect blouse!”. No it won’t. It feels so good to give away clothes that go months without being worn. Once it’s gone you won’t think twice about it. Don’t be afraid to hit up your local thrift shop and trade in your unwanted rags too. There are ladies with fabulous unworn clothes just like you who trade and donate. Now that’s a good deal!

5. Cut down on in-person meetings

Meetings are extremely time consuming. Meeting with someone in person may require wasting money on gas and possibly paying for food on the go. Instead, set time limits on meetings and make them phone conferences or skype video chats. Make sure you prioritize! Are they absolutely necessary, or could the conversation be taken care of through email?

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6. Make a check list

Most successful people prioritize and set daily goals. The lists should be in-depth. Look at the day, week, month and the year’s goals. Make sure to stay focused on the task at hand and try not to get overwhelmed. Lists are just a way to stay organized and they serve as great reminders for bigger, long-term goals. Try Evernote for remembering everything!

7. De-clutter

Mess can lead to stress. Ever notice how a disorganized work space makes it harder to concentrate? Straighten up the night before so you are working with a clean slate in the morning. This isn’t just for your office either. It goes for your home, car, phones, tablets, and computers. Delete old files, duplicate pictures, and unnecessary documents. That way you know where everything is, so not time is spent searching.

8. Exercise early in the morning

Exercise is SO important. But it can also take big chunks of time out of our day. Most successful people reported waking up as early as 3:30 am to get a good workout in. Rise with the sun and sweat. You won’t have to think about it again and you will increase energy and stamina for your day’s tasks.

9. Use your phone to set reminders

Set up a universal calendar on your phone, tablet and computer. This is a great way to clear up some brain space for other things. Worrying never helped anything. Knowing that you have a handy dandy reminder that will pop up to keep you on point relieves stress.

10. Bring your lunch

Prepare it the night before. Meals prepared at home are generally healthier and less expensive than going out for every lunch break. Opt for organic raw whole foods like fruits, veggies, and nuts, for optimal health. Because health equals wealth!

11. Use a crock pot

If you are concerned about getting home and making dinner on time – invest in a slow cooker. It is one of the easiest ways to make healthy dinners, with little to no hassle. Prep your veggies and spices at night, throw them in the crock pot in the morning and set on low. By the time you get home your house will be smellin’ good and there will be a warm meal awaiting.

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12. Wash your dishes

My mom always said “the best chefs clean up as they go.” I know what she means now. It saves time and when you are done making a meal there isn’t a sink piled mile-high with dirty dishes. Master the art of cleaning as you go, with everything.

13. Record your shows

Commercials are a huge waste of not only precious time, but also brain activity. Record your favorite shows, so you can fast-forward through commercials. This also saves money on your electric bill.

14. Check your commute

There are some great websites and apps that will tell you of any traffic jams on your daily route. Being privy to this info can potentially save you lots of time and gas money.

15. One thing at a time

If there is a project at hand, focus on that and shut everything else out. If you have a thousand things in front of you, your attention will be spread thin and chances are you will only get a few things done (or even just partially done).

16. Ask for help

We are multi-taskers to the max! However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little assistance with not only work projects, but daily chores and duties with the family. Asking someone for their help also makes them feel important. Just make sure to reciprocate and appreciate!

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What about you? What are some ways you maximize productivity in a day? Please comment below and share your insights.