10 Best Spring and Summer Workouts


Though statistically we fail miserably at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions to get fit, there’s still hope around springtime. Study’s show that when you begin a few months after January, you’re not only more likely to keep your fitness goals, but it’s also easier to get motivated (due to better weather and the thought of fitting into a bathing suit during the warmer weather, I suppose).

This year, there are some very intriguing exercises that are perfect for getting uber-fit and toned with stronger and leaner muscles. The theme of this year’s best fitness workouts are based on one word, “FUN!” No one wants to do boring workouts anymore. People want something that will be fun and that keeps you motivated to go back and do it again and again.

These 10 workouts for spring and summer are just that – super fun, electrifying, challenging and will whip your body into shape in no time flat.

1. AntiGravity Fitness

Possibly the most visually mesmerizing form of exercise is AntiGravity. Think Cirque Du Soleil meets yoga. You’re basically hanging from a hammock like sheet that provides resistance and makes use of your body weight to strengthen muscles. It not only stretches and tones, but it’s also so much fun. Added bonus: hanging upside down makes you feel like a kid again and provides ample blood flow to the brain for enhanced cognitive function.