10 Makeup Tips for Different Complexions


You may have fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair, or perhaps you have dark brown eyes, golden brown skin and black hair. Your complexion, hair color, eye color and other factors play a significant role in choosing the right makeup colors.

The rules for choosing makeup colors can seem complex, but the final judgment is yours. Choose those colors that look good on you and that make you feel good wearing them.

1. Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

Many women with fair complexions have extremely sensitive skin and either blonde or red hair. Makeup must not be too heavy to avoid blocking pores or even triggering allergic reactions.

Women with fair skin also face the dilemma of looking washed out when they wear no makeup or looking clownish when they wear too much of the wrong shades of makeup. Many with fair skin look very striking wearing vibrant red lip color, warm colors like coral around their eyes and peach or rose blush.