12 Best Makeup Tips for Women with Olive Skin Tone


All women know that olive skin tone is incredibly pretty, but sometimes it’s hard to find a proper makeup options for olive skin tone. Luckily, I have a few best makeup ideas for olive skin tone and they should be applied for complimenting your gorgeous skin color! Take a look at these makeup tips and make yourself more beautiful.

1. Oil-free sunscreen

Remember, using sunscreen is a necessity for any skin tone! Lots of women having olive skin tones don’t apply foundation because their complexions are smooth and clean. If your skin tone is olive too, always use sunscreen before applying the makeup in order to avoid sun damage.

2. Opt for a flattering blush color

With an olive skin tone it is difficult to find blush which flatters you. Bright pinks are a bit weird, mauve pinks don’t fit, but using darker or deeper pinks, maybe even some browns, will make your face look perfect and will certainly attract attention of many people.

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3. Stay away from pinks

Skip pink colors not only for your blush, but also for eye makeup. Use blues, deeper browns or even greens! Believe me, such makeup for olive skin tones will make your eyes stand out!

4. Emphasize your eyes

It’s always a nice idea to use mascara and black eyeliner, but it’s not enough! Apply some olive, silver, bronze or brown eye shadows to make your skin tone ideal and emphasize your magnificent eyes.

5. Brow beating

You should always make an accent on the eyebrows. Never forget about it because they make your gorgeous eyes stand out. Take a brow pencil or powder which is a bit lighter than the eyebrows, apply it and smooth it out with a spoolie at the end.

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6. Choose the right foundation shade

Despite having an ideal skin tone, it’s important to use an appropriate foundation to compliment it. Picking up the proper one is a necessity which lots of women ignore! Olive skin tone is so marvelous, and in order to allow your skin to glisten try to use the right foundation!

7. Use warm colors

One more good makeup tip for an olive skin tone is to use warm colors. Women with olive skin look stunning when using warm shades such as rose gold, peaches, light golden browns, apricots and corals.

8. Black eyeliner and mascara

Next makeup option for olive skin tones also connects with your eyes. Black mascara and eyeliner and a little of smoky eye is a wonderful opportunity to not only make your gorgeous eyes stand out, but also to show what tan skin you really have!

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9. Choose the right concealer

When you have picked up a proper foundation shade, you should also find a right concealer. All women have dark circles or blemishes under their eyes and I must admit, the proper concealer shade is a way out!

10. Get polished

Talking about the makeup, I’ve decided to remind of a wonderful nail polish shades you can also use. Women with olive skin tone look incredible with neutral makeup and nails. Try out such nail polishes as gold and dark burgundy or opaque nude pink.

11. No bronzer

Extremely lucky are those women who have a tan skin! This makeup idea advises you not to use bronzer at any costs! Don’t add more tan to your face having already the skin tone which so many women desire.

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12. Use highlighter powder

Certainly, highlighting powder is a wonderful way to emphasize some of the wonderful curves of your face and this is also a very important tip for olive skin tone which you should follow! Applying a bit highlighting powder on your nose, forehead and nose does a great job!

What do you think of these makeup ideas? Please tell if you use another one. I am interested to know more makeup ideas for olive skin tone!