9 Magnificent Winter Makeup Ideas


I adore unusual makeup looks which we can try in winter. Such looks will add some chic and charm to your appearance. Makeup is essential for every girl as it helps us emphasize the beauty of our faces during all seasons.

When you apply cosmetics to your face, you should remember that the same makeup look can’t be used in different seasons. For example, it is better to avoid bright tones in summer or spring while doing makeup, as these seasons bring us enough saturated and vivid colors. Your bright look shouldn’t outshine nature’s colors.

In winter, things change. The weather outside is dull and gloomy; everything is grey around us. That is the right time to find your red lipstick and add some blush to your cheeks. I hope that the following amazing ideas for winter makeup looks will help you to shine bright like a diamond.

1. Use Metallic Shades

Certainly, it doesn’t mean you should stick up to the traditional metallic glows. This winter, various kinds of sparkling and glistening eyeliners will be the right choice for you.

You can give way to your imagination if you create this shining look for a party at the nightclub or anything like this. Forget about the eyeliner which you use every day.

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2. Focus on Your Cheeks

Today all the fashionable makeup looks used in winter mostly accentuate only one part of your face. Just find out the most advantageous feature of your appearance and try to focus on it. In winter, it is reasonable to put stress on your cheeks.

An extravagant look is guaranteed for you. You can be brave enough to use a lot of blush so that your cheeks get a fresh pink color. Shades that are suitable for winter: rosy and purple.

3. Combine Berry and Nude

If you are looking for a perfect idea for winter makeup, you should definitely combine some nude tones with berries. Such colors will provide natural freshness for your face and, at the same time, won’t overwhelm it.

For instance, it would be nice to highlight your makeup with the help of a berry-based blush completing it with the delicate tones of cosmetics. You can make different combinations such as berry eye shadows and light lipstick or vice versa.

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4. Make Your Lips Bright

Traditionally, bold lips look incredible in winter. You should pay more attention to the lipstick which you choose in the evening.

I would recommend you to change your subtle and light lipstick for a more concentrated one. Red, hues of orange and vivid seasonal tints are preferable for gorgeous winter makeup.

5. Remember about Smudges

Eyeliner is an integral part of every girl’s makeup. You can also be crazy about this item, especially when winter comes. Though, smudges are great tips that can be efficient for you.

You can achieve a more elegant look by placing a few smudges on your face. When you want to add some gentle features to your appearance, it’s advisable to use smudges pairing them with jewel-toned liners.

6. Get Rid of Tweezers

Bushy eyebrows have been trendy in recent seasons. This year the situation hasn’t changed. Full brows remain the leading feature of today’s winter makeup. With their help, you can emphasize the stunning beauty of your eyes.

That doesn’t mean you should stop tweezing your brows. Simply make sure to get rid of some appearing hairs, but constantly try to keep the shape full.

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7. Go Red

It is white and snowy winter now. You have a great opportunity to be in the spotlight this season. Keep in mind that bold red lipstick is the main tool for your unsurpassed look.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with colors and shades. You can discover the unique ones that are suitable for you. It’s not obvious that you use only a red tone; orange may also become the basis for your marvelous makeup.

8. Pick up the Perfect Plum

Have you ever dreamt about looking like a real queen? This winter, your dream may come true. The only thing you need is to find cosmetics with the most refined hues of plum.

Choose among the variety of purple tones and create a fabulous winter look. Set your eyes on a dark plum blush or lipstick with the same shade. Follow the plum color spectrum while selecting an eye shadow, liner, and mascara. Everybody will be fascinated with your charming makeup.

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9. Warm-up with Bronze

Lots of women usually stick up to some definite color scheme in their daily makeup. I think you do the same. Perhaps blue, grey or pink eye shadows are your favorite, but sometimes you have to deviate from your far-fetched rules.

Warm bronze tones will look amazing in cold winter. Besides, bronze can be perfectly mixed with sparkling gold.  As a result, you will look like a real queen — no doubt this color scheme can match your style at any place and event.

Now you can see that a great number of ideas for winter makeup are available for you. There are also so many others that haven’t been mentioned in the list.

Have you picked up any interesting ideas for your winter look? If you know some other tips for makeup in winter, you can surely tell us. Share the one you want to try so eagerly.