7 Tips for Preventing a Cold This Winter


As a person who rarely catches a cold, I wanted to share a few useful tips on how to avoid a cold in winter. I know how stressful and frustrating a cold can be. Those people whose work is connected with children are more often subjected to the common cold.

And if you have small children that can also be a big problem, since viruses are easily transmitted from children to others. To avoid cold this winter make sure you follow these tips.

1. Healthy food

First of all your food should be balanced and include all the necessary vitamins and minerals. I recommend you add vegetables and fruits to your diet. They will certainly change your health for the better and supply your body with maximum vitamins.

It doesn’t mean that you must eat only fruit and vegetables. Just add some of them to your usual dishes. For example, you can cook your omelet with broccoli or make a dessert with banana, strawberry, and milk.

2. Rest

In order to have good immunity, our body should get enough rest and sleep. Otherwise, it will not recuperate and you will have a big risk of getting ill. When people work all the time without rest they are much exhausted and usually catch a cold quicker.

The reason is that their immune system is not strong enough to resist different viruses. So you should be careful with your night’s sleep. Besides, there can be different situations and conditions in our life which grow our chances to catch a cold.

For example, when women have a menstrual cycle or there is some stressful period in your life when you can become ill easily. So be careful with your health!

3. Vitamins

It’s not a secret that vitamin C is very efficient in the protection of our immune system. You just need to take this vitamin 500 mg two times a day and it will certainly grow your body’s ability to resist different illnesses. You can find Vitamin C in a great number of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tomatoes, and many others.

But be careful, don’t try to take too much of this vitamin. You can overdose on it and the effect will be negative. As a result, you will have gastric discomfort, which is certainly not good for your health.

4. Stay back from those who are ill

For me, it is very important not to become ill. And I can be even crazy about that. I am not afraid to tell people who are already ill that they should stay back and not come close to me. I try to avoid communication with the carriers of cold.

For you, it also can be a good way not to get ill. If people sneeze or cough don’t be shy and explain to them that it’s better to stay at home. Wish them good luck and provide them with a dose of Vitamin C.

5. Do physical exercises

The best way to keep our body away from diseases and to boost our immune system is by doing physical exercises. If you do sports regularly your immunity will be much stronger and you can easily struggle with different viruses. Exercise is an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle.

And if your health is really important to you, try to care about it regularly. Remember that physical exercises will enable your body with a great power to attack and resist different bacteria. Nevertheless don’t exhaust your body while exercising. Keep balance.

6. Avoid touching your face

It’s my problem and even a bad habit of mine, especially when I deeply think about something. Not to catch a cold you should never touch a face because there is a great number of germs on your hands and when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth you give a good opportunity for viruses to enter your body.

Try always to keep your hands clean during the day, sanitize them every moment when it is possible, wash them with soap. Yes, it seems too paranoid, but that is your health. You should be very careful if you meet lots of people, shake hands, and touch doorknobs.

7. Useful herbs

The most useful and helpful herb which can soften the symptoms of the common cold is Echinacea. It is especially good on the first days of a cold. You can also take this herb during the winter season to prevent the illness. But remember that it can’t be taken for a very long time.

Everything that was mentioned above is really good and important. All these tips will certainly help you to keep fit and be healthy throughout the year. Please share your own ways to stay healthy in winter!