6 Natural Exfoliators to Try This Winter


When the holiday season is approaching quickly, many of us are trying to save money for presents and holiday parties. Flaky skin is a great problem that many women face and that’s because the skin becomes very dry in winter.

Exfoliating skin helps remove all the dead cells and reduce the dryness in the skin. This is why it’s really important to exfoliate your skin regularly, especially during the winter months. If you don’t have money to buy a good exfoliator, check out a list of 6 natural exfoliators to try this winter.

1. Lavender scrub

Lavender scrub has enzymes that are very soft on the skin. So if you have sensitive skin you can try this scrub without any hesitation.

This scrub also works on other kinds of skin. Even if you have acne-prone skin, lavender scrub is really soft and helps remove all the dead cells without causing damage.

2. Apricot

A great exfoliating agent, apricot acts as a fantastic scrub. Just make a paste of apricots and use it on your face or if you have the money you can purchase a scrub that contains apricots. The scrub sold in the market is filled with scrubbing beads that clean up your skin well.

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3. Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon scrub is another wonderful exfoliator to try this winter. Lemon acts as bleach and as a cleansing agent, and honey helps clean the impurities in the skin and gives it the moisture that is a must in winter. After all, this scrub is easy to make at home, isn’t it?

4. Seaweed salt exfoliator

Seaweed salt exfoliator is a natural exfoliator that is great for your skin in winter. This exfoliator is rich in minerals and it reaches deep down to the pores and removes the impurities. It comes with extra scrubbing power because the salts are granular.

5. Aloe exfoliator

I’m sure you know that Aloe Vera boasts many amazing benefits and one of them is the exfoliating capabilities. Just apply the gel of aloe on your face and leave it on for several minutes, then wash it off.

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6. Black pepper exfoliator

This exfoliator won’t make your eyes water or your skin red. Black pepper exfoliator increases blood circulation in the skin and even reduces a little fat off your face since it works in the fatty tissues of the skin. Black pepper exfoliator is used for a deep cleanse and it will leave your skin clean and gorgeous.

It’s still possible to have healthy skin and look beautiful on a budget if you make your own exfoliators using the ingredients from your kitchen. Just make sure you don’t scrub your face too hard, especially if you have acne. Do you know any other natural exfoliators to try during the cold winter months?