7 Bad Skin Habits You Need to Quit


You use only high-end beauty products, don’t smoke and overeat, drink plenty of water, but your skin is still far-from-ideal, right? You might not have noticed, but you have certain bad skin habits that cause various skin problems. It’s really hard to get rid of those habits, but I’ve come up with a few go-to pieces of advice that will help you break your bad skin habits and get healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. However, you need to figure out your bad skin habits first. Here are some of the most common habits most women are trying to break.

1. Sleeping with your make-up on

Sleeping with your make-up on is really the most harmful habit ever! After a long busy day you may feel like falling senseless on your bed, but it’s no excuse to sleep with your make-up on. Daily cleansing relieves your pores of the residues of cosmetics, dead skin cells, oil and dirt. Cold water helps to narrow the pores and relieve inflammations and acne. Removing your cosmetics is of crucial importance when it comes to eye make-up. Sleeping with your eye make-up may cause eye infections and allergic reaction. If you do want to avoid these problems and get a healthy skin, don’t forget to wash your face before going to bed!

2. Lack of sleep

A modern pace of life often leaves no place for a sound and enough sleep, but getting plenty of sleep is a pledge of your beauty and health. When you sleep, your skin has time to rejuvenate, restore its natural balance and absorb all the creams and lotions you apply to it. A sound night sleep makes your skin look supple, radiant and hydrated. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep, so if you want a healthy and beautiful skin try to go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier each day.

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3. Not exfoliating your skin

Regular exfoliation makes your skin look fresh and young. While scrubbing off your skin, you remove dead cells, the residues of cosmetics and oil. Unless you do it, your skin can look dull, dry and worn out. Not only will regular exfoliation keep your skin clean, it will also reduce skin problems including acne, blemishes and inflammations. Use commercial exfoliants or consider making a homemade scrub of natural ingredients. Make a habit of exfoliating your skin once a week and enjoy your smooth and silky skin.

4. Tanning

Tanning is definitely one of the worst skin habits you should get rid of! Regular tanning have a long-lasting cumulative effect on your skin. Even though you want to get an appealing bronze skin in winter, tanning beds aren’t the best way to get tanned. Using tanning beds regularly may cause numerous skin problems including untimely skin aging, skin spots and blemishes and even the risk of skin cancer. Instead, make use of bronzers and self-tanners if you want to get a sun-kissed skin. Remember that pale complexion is always better than an unhealthy skin.

5. Using moisturizer only when your skin is dry

In fact, you should moisturize your skin regardless of the season and even if your skin doesn’t look dry. Moreover, your body skin also requires regular moisturizing to remain elastic and hydrated. Due to a regular moisturizing your skin builds a protective barrier so that outer irritants, such as cold or heat, cannot damage it so easily. In summer you use sunscreens that already contain moisturizing agents. However, your skin may need additional moisturizing during those cold winter months.

6. Skipping exercise

There is a vivid connection between exercises and a beautiful skin. Workouts stimulate the blood circulation, which transfers nourishing elements and oxygen and keeps your skin cells healthy. Moreover, accelerated blood flow promotes better removal of waste products. Regular exercises also help to relieve stress that is the major culprit of skin problems. As an added bonus, trainings are the sure way to get a sound sleep and reduce cellulite. Both cardiovascular and weight trainings have a great beautifying effect on your skin, so don’t skip exercises!

7. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables

When skipping fruits and veggies you deprive your skin of essential nutrients and elements that are found in them only. You must have heard that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a vibrant, shining and beautiful skin. Fruits and vegetables are the fount of antioxidants, the most significant agents that guard your skin against damages and harmful influence. If you want a healthy and radiant skin, stock up on tomatoes, carrots, oranges, berries and greens.

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Getting rid of unhealthy skin habits may be really problematic and challenging, but it’s not so hard with little desire and efforts. Now when you know all the harmful habits it’s easier to think up the ways to get rid of them and establish a healthy skin routine. Which bad skin habits do you have?