7 Wholesome Foods That Cause Acne


It is important to include healthy foods into our daily menu. We know a lot of such foods, and their positive impact on our body is undeniable.

Surely, we try to consume these foods at every opportunity, but to our great disappointment, some foods can be useful for one part of our body and at the same time dangerous for another one. It also concerns acne that can appear so often on your face.

Sometimes it seems to you there can’t be any reasons for those red spots, but the food you eat can be the main reason. Even pretty healthy foods can cause acne.

Certainly, we must be careful with junk food, sugar, and convenience food if we want perfect skin. Besides, we should pay much attention to wholesome foods that can lead us to numerous health problems, particularly skin defects.

If you are quite sensitive individual, you’d better avoid foods high in natural sugars and acids. Perhaps they will not have a negative effect on your skin; you just need to observe the reaction of your body to these foods.

When you notice any changes on your face, you should immediately stop consuming them. Here you will read the list of 7 common foods which usually cause acne in many people. It doesn’t mean that only these foods can be dangerous for you; there are so many others.

I would recommend you to control your skin every time when you add some new food to your diet. Maybe it will cause acne on your face. Always remember that your health and beauty depend on the foods you eat in most cases.

1. Oranges

It is a well-known fact that oranges are rich in natural acids and Vitamin C. These nutrients are useful for our body. Still, for some sensitive individuals, they can be extremely dangerous and cause acne.

Oranges are my favorite fruits. Moreover, they are so healthy, and we can buy them throughout the year at any supermarket. Unfortunately, I can’t eat them as much as I want.

My skin is too sensitive to this food. Every time I consume them in large quantities, I notice acne on my face. In case you have the same problem, try not to eat oranges for some days, and you’ll see the result. Anyway, there are so many other tasty and sweet fruits.