7 Wholesome Foods That Cause Acne


It is important to include healthy foods into our daily menu. We know a lot of such foods, and their positive impact on our body is undeniable.

Surely, we try to consume these foods at every opportunity, but to our great disappointment, some foods can be useful for one part of our body and at the same time dangerous for another one. It also concerns acne that can appear so often on your face.

Sometimes it seems to you there can’t be any reasons for those red spots, but the food you eat can be the main reason. Even pretty healthy foods can cause acne.

Certainly, we must be careful with junk food, sugar, and convenience food if we want perfect skin. Besides, we should pay much attention to wholesome foods that can lead us to numerous health problems, particularly skin defects.

If you are quite sensitive individual, you’d better avoid foods high in natural sugars and acids. Perhaps they will not have a negative effect on your skin; you just need to observe the reaction of your body to these foods.

When you notice any changes on your face, you should immediately stop consuming them. Here you will read the list of 7 common foods which usually cause acne in many people. It doesn’t mean that only these foods can be dangerous for you; there are so many others.

I would recommend you to control your skin every time when you add some new food to your diet. Maybe it will cause acne on your face. Always remember that your health and beauty depend on the foods you eat in most cases.

1. Oranges

It is a well-known fact that oranges are rich in natural acids and Vitamin C. These nutrients are useful for our body. Still, for some sensitive individuals, they can be extremely dangerous and cause acne.

Oranges are my favorite fruits. Moreover, they are so healthy, and we can buy them throughout the year at any supermarket. Unfortunately, I can’t eat them as much as I want.

My skin is too sensitive to this food. Every time I consume them in large quantities, I notice acne on my face. In case you have the same problem, try not to eat oranges for some days, and you’ll see the result. Anyway, there are so many other tasty and sweet fruits.

2. Strawberries

I’m convinced that this fruit is adorable by lots of people. It is one of the most delicious fruits I’ve ever eaten. Strawberries contain different acids and Vitamin C. But do you know about the impact of this food on your body, especially your skin?

Consuming strawberries, you can observe some changes on your face like breakouts, bumps, and acne. So, it is reasonable to check your skin whenever you eat this fruit.

In summer, I can’t live even a day without strawberries. As a result, I constantly suffer from acne. But I have learned from my experience, and now I eat raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries instead of strawberries.

In addition, I can get so many antioxidants, polyphenols, and fiber from these fruits. They are really beneficial for my health.

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3. Tomatoes

For me, tomato is the tastiest vegetable in this world, though I can’t afford to eat this food every day as it can cause acne. Tomatoes provide your body with lots of Vitamin C and natural acids.

In fact, for some people, this food can be effective when speaking about skin health. But I also know that others for whom it turned out to be extremely harmful. A few of my friends have skin problems after consuming tomatoes.

If you have noticed red bumps on your face after eating this vegetable, you should remove this food from your menu at once. After several weeks, you will see the result.

Maybe you only need to reduce the number of tomatoes eaten. For example, I give preference to processed vegetables. Their effect on my body is rather different.

4. Wheat Bread

Wheat is known to be high in gluten which can be dangerous for your skin. That’s why some people should pay more attention to the foods containing wheat.

The best example of such food is the bread that is an indispensable part of our daily diet. People who are sensitive to wheat should keep in mind that this ingredient can lead to undesirable acne.

If you are allergic, I would advise you to change wheat bread to rye bread. There are two categories of people: those who tolerate wheat bread quite fine and those who can feel all its negative effects on their health.

In order to prevent any health problems connected with wheat bread, it will be a nice decision to eat gluten-free bread or even cook whole grains. You will be satisfied with your brilliant and healthy skin.

5. Orange Juice

It’s such a great pleasure to treat myself to a glass of fresh orange juice. I usually can’t resist this temptation, especially in summer. But I know it is almost forbidden for my skin.

One of the greatest disadvantages of this juice is sugar. Even when you buy it unsweetened, the level of sugar is extremely high.

When your body gets a large dose of sugar, it is very harmful to your health. Your skin will react immediately to orange juice. For most people, it can be the reason for numerous breakouts.

Do you know that orange juice, which you usually buy at the supermarket, has more than 20 grams of sugar and no fiber at all? Most candy bars contain almost the same quantity of sugar. So, you must think thoroughly before buying the next carton of orange juice.

There is no doubt that Vitamin C and natural acids that can be supplied to your body from this juice are really useful and necessary. If you drink it in excess, breakouts will be a usual issue for you.

It should be mentioned that all citrus fruits are rather problematic for some people. They can be the reasons for allergies and various health disorders due to high levels of acids and Vitamin C.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be disappointed as there are so many other choices available for you. For instance, you can drink green juice, which is so delicious and amazing for your skin.

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6. Salsa

When I choose among the variety of spicy sauces, I usually stop at salsa. I truly love this condiment, but I must keep it in small amounts. Like all the foods mentioned above, salsa also has lots of acids and Vitamin C, which can harm your health to some extent.

Tomatoes are the major ingredient of this sauce. Everything that was written about this vegetable can be referred to salsa either. This condiment can’t be cooked without pepper and vinegar, which certainly guarantees skin issues for you.

Don’t eat too much of this spicy food. You can try it on some special occasions. You are a lucky person if you don’t have any problems after eating salsa.

I’m not a lucky one, so I had to reduce its consumption once a month. It will be great if you switch to canned tomatoes or tomato paste instead. In such way, you’ll avoid all the additional ingredients and spices that can be dangerous for your skin.

7. Yogurt

Can you imagine that dairy products can be unfavorable for your skin and can cause acne? I must admit it is true. Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products.

So many people choose this food among all the others. But they even don’t guess that it can be the reason for numerous skin problems.

If yogurt is the basic food of your daily diet, I would suggest you buy only the plain kinds, without the extra sugar. Such yogurt has useful and healthy probiotics that promote better digestion for you. As an alternative, you can try kefir.

Make sure you read all the ingredients of the yogurt or kefir you are going to buy. They must contain only cultures and milk. Don’t forget that all kinds of dairy form mucous in our body.

Sometimes it can be the reason for troubles for most people. Nowadays, the most urgent problem concerning skin is breaking out. To prevent all the skin issues, you are supposed to stop eating dairy at least for a week and after watching the results.

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I think you can find some foods in this list that can cause your acne, even though they seemed absolutely healthy to you. If definite skin problems bother you very often, you should learn the main reason for that. At first, try to remove certain foods from your daily usage.

Please, express your opinion about these foods. Have you ever had acne after eating any of them?