8 Popular Types of Dance to Try


There are many types of dance you can try, of course, if you like to dance. You don’t need to take a ballroom dancing lesson or find a dance instructor. Nowadays there are many free online dance lessons that teach you how to dance.

Learning one of these dances with your partner is a perfect way to spend couple time together. In addition, it is a great exercise.

You can teach yourself the steps or even learn them with your friend right in your living room. Check out a few types of dances you can try.

1. Classic waltz

Everybody have to know how to dance the waltz. Classic waltz will get you through wedding receptions, dances, parties, and other events.

There are many types of waltzes, such as the ballroom waltz, the Viennese waltz, and the country waltz. They are very different, but the main steps of one of them can help you elsewhere.

2. Swing dancing

Swing is one of the dances you definitely should try. I like everything about swing dancing, from the music to the moves. It is so energetic and so fun to learn, by the way, it’s extremely easy to learn.

When you learn to swing dance, you can wear a lot of beautiful retro costumes! You and your partner will surely like swing dancing!

3. Salsa dancing

Salsa is a dance style of marvelous emotions and movements. Despite its convoluted origin, its style is crystal clear. If you don’t feel you have lots of rhythm or you are nervous about dancing, Salsa dancing is a great way to start, because Salsa has a pattern of six steps.

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4. Tango

Tango is sensual, sexy, exciting, and throbbing. You can try American Tango, or learn an open Tango style, or you can learn the Argentine Tango. Actually, you can try to learn all of them.

The Argentine Tango is steamy as it uses a lot of classic elements. The American Tango is a constantly evolving dance, so it’s really easy to add your personal signature to it.

5. Paso Doble

Being French at heart, the Paso Doble has some serious Spanish fire. In this dance the women and men have different roles, and the Leader moves differently than the Follower. The dance takes on the movements and emotions of a bullfight, that’s why it’s both taunting and aggressive.

6. Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is sexy, face-paced, and fun. This dance evolved from the Mambo and the Rumba.

It requires lots of deliberation as it depends on small steps which lead to a game of cat and mouse between partners. If you dance with your lover, you will surely want some alone time after your lesson!

7. Foxtrot

Foxtrot is really fun. It works well with fast-paced jazz and Ragtime. But today there is some smoothness in the rhythm, and the participants almost saunter and slink around the dancefloor. The Foxtrot is one of those dances you should definitely try.

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8. The Quickstep

If you like to do the country, the electric slide, or the hustle line dancing, you will find that elements are very similar to the Quickstep. It’s a Ragtime dance with movement involving the arms and legs. If you have ever performed or seen the Charleston, you know what the Quickstep is.

I like to dance, even though I’m not good at it. Learning some of these dances can help you even if you are just cutting up for fun. You will get some exercise, and you will learn rhythm.

What is your favorite type of dance to do? Share your thoughts, please!