10 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Younger


Makeup can hide a multitude of sins. Whether it’s the after effects of a heavy night on the town or the first signs of ageing, expertly applied makeup can change your entire appearance and roll back the clock. The following list contains the best insider tips from makeup artists and beauty experts.

1. Less is more

Piling on the concealer and lashings of black mascara will make even teenagers seem old before their time. The secret to younger skin is a fresh, natural complexion.

Instead of attempting to cover up your skin, add foundation only to the areas that need it the most such as your T-zone and under the eyes. A good base is the most important step in your makeup routine as it is the starting point for everything else.

2. Soothe bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes make everyone appear tired and weary which does not give a youthful impression. Keep a gel eye-mask in your fridge, and place it over your eyes for 10 minutes every morning to reduce veins and puffiness. Some eye-masks even come with a slit in the part that covers your eye allowing you to continue performing tasks whilst it is working.

3. Give your eyes a lift

Eye-lifting creams are wonderful ways to brighten your eyes and give an instant youthful appearance. There are many different ones to choose from including serums, creams, capsules and roll-on applicators. The best one depends on your personal taste, but try to find one that contains tiny particles that scatter the light and highlight your eye sockets.

4. Illuminate your skin

Light-diffusing makeup is a great way to add a youthful glow to your skin and direct attention away from lines around the eyes. A light, liquid foundation is much better than a heavy compact as it will not settle in the lines of your skin. For a natural, daytime look, why not try mixing a little liquid foundation in with your regular moisturiser to give a minimal amount of coverage that will add just enough colour to your face.

5. Use warm tones

Even though you looked good in heavy black eye shadow and red lipstick when you were 25, it doesn’t mean you will still look good in it after another 25 years. Holding onto the same makeup trends that you grew up with will make your look seem dated. Always opt for warm shades for your eye shadow, blusher and lipstick with red and orange undertones.

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6. Use an eye shadow base

An eye shadow base is a product that sits underneath your eye shadow to stop it from collecting in the lines of your eyelids. It comes as a powder and as a lightweight gel that transforms to a powder finish when applied.

Apply the base to your eyelids immediately before applying your eye shadow. You will notice a big difference in the colour intensity of your eye shadow and its staying power.

7. Cover up those dark circles

Too many late nights and bottles of alcohol start to take their toll after a certain amount of years. Whilst there is no cure for dark circles under the eyes, a good night’s rest and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can make a difference. In the meantime, invest in a good concealer that can be applied with a brush. Dab two or three circles below your eye, and then gently blend in using a soft bristled brush.

8. Choose a light-reflecting eye shadow

Lift-reflecting makeup is your new best friend when it comes to covering up lines and wrinkles. Even a semi-mat shadow will offer a little sparkle around your eyes.

Colour trios are a great way to open and define your eyes. They feature a pale base colour that is applied up to the eyebrow, a medium colour for the eyelid and then a darker colour for the outer corner.

9. Open your eyes

Once you have your eye shadow in place, curl your eyelashes using a professional eyelash curler. This will make your eyes appear bigger and more youthful. Using a gel liner, draw a thin line from the start of your eyelashes on the inner corner of your eye to the outer rim.

Add a small flick at the end to give a cat’s-eye effect. Eyeliner should always be subtle as drawing a heavy line will make your eyes seem top heavy and unbalanced.

10. Perform regular maintenance

You will need to regularly check on the status of your makeup during the day to make sure nothing has begun to wander. Using your eye shadow brush, blend your eye shadow in if it begins to settle into the creases of your eyes. Always keep a clean cotton bud handy to wipe off any smudged mascara as the panda-eye look is definitely not for the mature lady.

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Most importantly, always choose makeup that you feel comfortable wearing. If you choose a daring shade of lipstick but feel self-conscious when wearing it, you will not be able to look your best. Confidence is the secret to a vibrant, youthful appearance that will make you seem ten years younger even without the help of makeup.